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  1. klindstedt

    Archive through October 29, 2017

    'Phew...phew...is this thing on?" Sitting here working on CAD work that I brought home from the office looking out the window at the grass I should be cutting with my Cub Cadet 109. First sunny day here in almost a week. Still have plenty of time to mow this year, last year I mowed in...
  2. klindstedt

    Archive through September 27, 2016

    Time for an update on the 109 that followed me home a few weeks ago. Or should I say *129* Harry was correct, the engine had been replaced at sometime with a K301 12hp engine. Well... I first worked on tracking down the no-start problem. Turns out that the metal tab that presses on the...
  3. klindstedt

    Archive through March 19, 2016

    Speaking for myself, I'm between snow plowing (of which there was precious little this year) and lawn mowing, which I won't be starting for awhile yet. Still enjoy lurking and reading. I guess now would be the ideal time for a paint and decal refresh, but funds are low at the moment.
  4. klindstedt

    Brake return spring on 1811

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for where the back loop of the brake return spring (932-3010) is supposed to hook? The front is obvious to me, but I can not recall where the back was hooked. Description is fine, pictures are better. Thanks!
  5. klindstedt

    Archive through November 09, 2015

    Found a pump to use for parts (thanks Kent!). Thank you to all who replied with offers.
  6. klindstedt

    1811 Drive line carnage

    Well... I've learned the hard way what happens when you ignore a strange vibration in the tractor for all summer. Finally tore into it last night and was dismayed to see that the rearend is loose in the frame which allowed the hydro input shaft to move up and down, facilitating the "wallowing"...
  7. klindstedt

    46GT deck vs. 44C

    I have the opportunity to get a 46GT deck at a reasonable price. I want to put this under my 1811, would this be an upgrade from the 44C in terms of cut quality?
  8. klindstedt

    1811 Surging at less than full load on engine

    My M18 recently started surging when I turn off the PTO and set the throttle below full. I first noticed it after two hours of mowing, when I slowed the engine down to pull the lawn sweeper. I've read that surging can be caused by a blockage in the idle circuit of the carb, so I've taken the...
  9. klindstedt

    Raymond Loewy's Birthday

    I never cease to be amazed at the things I learn by clicking on the Google doodle of the day. Today is Raymond Lowey's birthday. He is a famous industrial designer credited with designing the Coke bottle, several Studebakers (including the Avanti), and many other iconic designs. Here's the...
  10. klindstedt

    1811 remote filter oil lines

    I've been busy chasing oil leaks on my 1811 and thought with the replacement of the front seal I had them all fixed. I now find that the oil lines are leaking - between the hose and the crimp and also "weeping" through the covering. When I took the hoses off I discovered what looks like the...
  11. klindstedt

    M18 Governor Spring

    I recently replaced the front oil seal and breather on the Magnum 18 in my 1811. I kept track of every bolt, nut , etc that came off the engine...except I lost the governor spring. I've ordered one, but no one stocked one and the grass keeps growing. As a temporary measure, I'd like to try a...
  12. klindstedt

    Cheap Cell Phone Plans - Yay or Nay

    I want to try to get off the two-year contract cycle with Verizon when my family's current plan ends. Has anyone here tried Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk or Simple Mobile? Curious about call quality and data speed / availability. One obvious con right off the bat is having to purchase the...
  13. klindstedt

    John Deere 140

    While many of you have fond memories of your Father or Grandfather's Cub Cadet when you were a child, my childhood memories are of this tractor - My Dad's John Deere 140 in Spruce Blue and Dogwood White. I still remember the day the dealer delivered the tractor, mower deck and blade. I had to...
  14. klindstedt

    Feldmann TurfVent aerator

    I seldom get to do "look what followed me home" posts, so I'll take any chance I get. Stumbled upon this at a garage sale this weekend. Looks to be built a whole lot heavier-duty than Agri-Fab and other similar units. Just to stay a little on-topic, I'm going to pull this with my 1811.
  15. klindstedt

    My new (to me) 1811

    After buying my 582 a few years ago and finding this site a month or so later, I'd developed a "IH Cub Cadets are better than MTD/CC Cub Cadets" mentality. I recently had the opportunity to purchase an 1811 at a fair price and I've got to say that I'm real happy with this tractor. I snapped a...
  16. klindstedt

    Harvest time pictures

    My family no longer actively farms our land any more, but we still enjoy watching the farmer who leases the land - and sometimes he gives rides too! Here is my Dad (on the right) and my daughter enjoying a ride as the corn was being picked. Mallory giggled everytime they went to the...