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    The "Boogie Man" hasn't gotten me yet.

    Just received a email the other day from a Tractor/Cub Cadet friend asking how I was and rumor has it that I croaked. Well still alive, beating the Boogie Man, "friendly" protests and looting. WTF happened! For those who don't know, I sold off all my IHC/IH/McCormick-Deering/International...
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    Archive through August 21, 2016

    Wakbro carb listed on 4-3-16 still for sale. Now @ $25. shipped. NEW cuttung edge for 42" blade/plow 95% sure it will fit rear blade too. $25. + shipping Rare IH BRASS Fire Extinguisher $50.00 + shipping Two glass sediment bowls **NEW** $25.00 shipped Two good starter generators $30.each...
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    Archive through June 23, 2016

    Wakbro carb listed on 4-3-16 still for sale. Still @ $25.00 More stuff surfacing Rare IH BRASS Fire Extinguisher $59.00 + shipping NOS IH lighted 8 - 18 volt Voltmenter $25.00 shipped Two glass sediment bowls **NEW** $25.00 shipped Two good starter generators $35.00 each + shipping QL...
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    Archive through April 03, 2016

    Selling in groups GROUP #1 71-123 parts Group#1 &75. + shipping GROUP #2 Grill screens. QL, 70-100 and 124 series. All three $10. + shipping GROUP #3 Misc steering and clutch parts $15. + shipping
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    Archive through February 17, 2016

    Mike "P", Is the cam lock adjusted correctly? It's usually something so obvious that you'll kick yourself in the a$$. BTDT....many times.
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    Archive through November 23, 2014

    For Sale; Complete Wide Frame three point hitch with the "Extra Wide" double bracket. $125.00 plus shipping. Working from my Wives laptop can/will email photos if needed.
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    Archive through November 09, 2014

    QA-42 Average condition works well. (Hey you guys up north, GET READY!) $150.00
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    Archive through September 11, 2014

    Charlie, You have to think like on "The Six Million Dollar Man", "We can rebuild him, Bigger, Faster and Stronger".
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    Archive through May 30, 2014

    Trans. cover/gear shift lever for 102,122,104,124, 106, 126 and will fit but not correct on the 7hp tractors. $25.00 + sh.
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    Archive through May 23, 2014

    Selling off a lot of my Cub Cadet, International Harvester, IH, Deering, McCormick, McCormick-Deering, Farmall, lots of pre-1900's stuff, etc. collectibles. I have paperwork, service pins, hand outs, manuals, medallions, some toys and much, much more. Can't quite figure the re sizing on Windows...
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    Windows 8 + or -???

    Just got a new computer w/Windows 8. My other 'puter bit the dust. Any feedback???
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    Archive through March 19, 2014

    For sale, One of the nicer 44" deck i've seen in some time. Front not all stoved in, baffle in place and not all bent up. W/undercarriage, mule drive and belt Off a 128. $150. Pick up only. Nice little 38" deck off a 108. All there solid and straight. W/ undercarriage and mule drive...
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    Archive through February 01, 2014

    From the mouth(fingers) of Hydo Harry...."When I finally found a QA42A thrower it was a whole different dream and the only way to go as far as I'm concerned." Well now we have something we can agree on. Now to get him to the other side of transmissions.
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    Archive through January 03, 2014

    Norm I'd say the off topic section since that's not a Cub Cadet.
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    Helping hands still live!

    These are the guys I work for for spring field work and fall harvest. SUPER god guys!!! From Facebook "Jason Madaus Somedays, You realize your right where you belong..... Neighbor at the farms been struggling all fall to get crops harvested. Today, combine broke, tractor won't start...
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    Hold my beer and watch this.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDEfcrqe_o4 I noticed that he didn't thank his barber.
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    Archive through September 06, 2013

    DT, I don't know the answer to that ? but that's why pullers don't like to use wheel weights.
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    Archive through August 31, 2013

    Being a hokey fan and IH fan from the Chicago area, I need to post this. Take that east coast guys!
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    Archive through July 24, 2013

    Hey Charlie, ...."Once the cat is outta' the bag"..... <font size="-2">Just yankin' everyone's chain.</font>
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    Archive through April 06, 2013

    Why would antone want a 12hp. (129) when you can get 16hp. (169)? More power is always a good thing in my book.