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    International Harvester 1968 Cub Cadet. Vintage Model 60, Looking for a great home who will appreciate this great looking and garage kept tractor.

    The serial number looks odd, can't see it very well but maybe a pre-production or display unit.
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    International Harvester 1968 Cub Cadet. Vintage Model 60, Looking for a great home who will appreciate this great looking and garage kept tractor.

    Looks almost new. I'm not sure the IH factory that built the lawn tractors but maybe Memphis.
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    Four digit original

    Yes and original tires. Grille screen , pedestal and clutch pedal have been altered.
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    782 battery gauge drops w PTO on

    Have your battery load tested, most any auto parts store will do this free, a good battery should be well above 12 volts. Adjust your PTO clutch according to the 782 operators manual. If it's getting hot you may need to remove the engine so you clean behind engine shrouds. It's not as hard as...
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    Kolher flat twin

    I think the 1720 had a vertical shaft Magnum 18.
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    Starter engagement issues

    I've had this happen on KT-17 engine when points gap/timing is off. Thinks it's running but not. Not sure why on Mag 18.
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    Early CC tire options?

    The 6-12 Firestones from Miller tire is about the only option for originality. I have 2 originals with the stock gum dipped tires and they look alike. The price is crazy and not worth it.
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    Picled up a 1050. Today.

    The Parts Lookup for the 1050 does show the 357 38" mower deck, which is a 3 blade deck. The 2 blade deck in the brochure looks like one used on lawn tractors.
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    Installing Nelson Noise Reduction Muffler on a 128

    The noise suppression muffler uses a different nipple. #121 in this link. Just says N/A - Nipple, 1 X 1-1/4 Pipe. Lookup Parts Via Diagram | Cub Cadet US
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    The "Boogie Man" hasn't gotten me yet.

    Good to know you're still alive. I took this post that you passed. https://www.ihcubcadet.com/threads/darn-yellow-virus-thank-you-bob-128-born-1973.8051/post-217278
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    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    The wheel weights aren't IH. Hood and grille do not look correct.
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    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    Looks like it's a 100. Engine has been replaced because decal is newer style. Has headlights and switch, fenders which were options.
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    Guide lights

    Hard to find. You will probably need to find used lights with good plugs.
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    Identify model

    1977 Cub Cadet 1200.
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    Kind code

    You can find a casting date on the transmission case. Tractor was probably built 2-6 months after that date. Casting Dates
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    50 to 60

    Both are 374 decks. https://www.messicks.com/cc/93146
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    154 cub carb question .whats this plug for ?

    It's a drip hole, fuel will drip out when flooded.
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    UR or UL battery terminals

    I don't think that battery will fit without an altered battery box. You need a U1 battery. I've never thought an Interstate was any better than others but I don't know. https://www.interstatebatteries.com/products/sp-40?productLine=lawn-garden&subcategoryKey=&ignorecategoryid=true