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    What is this crap!

    I thought my email was safe.
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    KT17 Fuel Pump Replacement

    I'm getting ready to replace the fuel pump on my 682. Any tips on this procedure with engine in tractor? Any other parts needed besides the 52-559-03-S fuel pump kit? Looks like some engine tin needs to come off.
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    KT17 Breather Replacement

    I have both the owners and service manuals for the KT17 but very little is mentioned on replacing the breather. Any tips on this procedure? Do I need to remove the intake manifold?
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    KT17 Tune up

    I'm getting ready to tune up my 682. Has anyone found the need to replace the push rod for the points on a KT17? Part# 52-411-05 is around $25.00
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    Archive through July 30, 2012

    The preview worked but the pics did not show up so I made them even smaller. 62 Original recoil start Needs alot of attention but is pretty much all there. Has the original K161-T engine that starts right up and runs good. Trans is good. Includes another correct rewind starter complete with...