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  1. Kittermankadets85

    Up graded mower

    Aquired this gen from my father in law. Hope I have some luck out of newer model
  2. Kittermankadets85

    3 for 1 money

    I’m selling my 782 1811 and 682. The 782 is really clean and original everything works currently has 50” deck on it. Has Original kt-17 Kohler twin The 1811 is also very clean and original starts and runs good no deck on it at the moment but I have mule drive and 44” deck that goes with. Has...
  3. Kittermankadets85

    682 for $0.00

    An old friend contacted me yesterday an told he had a present for me.... boy was he right! It has a repower Kohler Th18 ohc witch is just an awful engine from what I’ve read but it dropped a valve anyway so it’s gonna be gone.
  4. Kittermankadets85

    1811 trouble

    Ok so I’ve racked my brain on this one... aside from just tearing down the engine I want to see if anyone else has had this problem. tractor runs great until it gets hot then it starts to cut out and die I originallythought the coil but it’s not loosing spark it’s not getting gas. Fuel pump is...
  5. Kittermankadets85

    Anti-zero turn

    Who needs a zero turn. That a beautiful stripe job on my lawn with a 34 year old 1811. 50” cut the old girls got 1517hrs on her an runs as good as she did new! :greenthumb:
  6. Kittermankadets85

    New project

    Never messed with one of these. Thinking about building a racer :cubwinker:
  7. Kittermankadets85

    Throw back 2002

    Me and my dad in Penfield Illinois 2002. my father on his 124 Me on my 70 ( the proper fenders have since been put on it) Me on our 1961 original
  8. Kittermankadets85

    IH collectibles

    Anybody got any of these?
  9. Kittermankadets85

    New book

    My copy came today. Can’t wait to read it.
  10. Kittermankadets85

    Young love ❤️

    The most rewarding part of having a passion for old tractors and garden tractors is seeing my other passion ( my beautiful daughters) enjoying it as well 😊
  11. Kittermankadets85

    Favorite model?

    What’s everyone’s favorite model cub and why? Share a pic if you have one. 👍
  12. Kittermankadets85

    The best gift ever!

    My nephew and I were given this and I’m speechless I’ve wanted a 782D my whole life but refused to pay a huge price for one. Now I have one and can’t wait to tear into it. It’s a little rough but motor is free and hydraulic valves function. It’s like Christmas morning for me 😊😊😊
  13. Kittermankadets85

    My collection.

    Here’s some pics of my collection. It’s not all of my junk but a lot of it. Enjoy and share your pics back I love seeing different versions of all tractors pic#1. 108 with Haban sickle bar mower 2. 102 with creeper gear hydrology and rear lift and wheel weights. 3 & 4. One...
  14. Kittermankadets85

    Cub cadet circus

    Cub cadet promotion in 1966 for the new 123 hydro Tranny. I built one and it gets a lot of attention!
  15. Kittermankadets85

    Cub original generator

    Anyone ever seen one of these? It’s an Original with a recoil start witch is kinda rare in its own but has a generator mounted directly to engine shaft it’s really a slick setup.
  16. Kittermankadets85

    I’m looking for a Danco loader for any style cub have basically any thing cub cadet to trade in exchange let me know what you have or what you need

    I’m looking for a Danco loader for any style cub cadet . I have basically anything cub related to trade just let me know what you have or what you need. Thank you