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    Pull Type Sickle Bar Mower

    We need someone to figure out a Diff Lock.... foot pedal activated, like big tractors have, if it exists already I would like to know.... looked like you were powering the sickle bar from a rear PTO.....??
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    help a new guy out

    remember to always leave the front PTO clutch lever in the far forward position most of the time, only pulled back to start your beast, those wear buttons on the front of it wear out far too fast if you leave it in the disengaged position. I used to pop the belt off the mower and loop it , tied...
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    help a new guy out

    Welcome Emmett, you will learn that..... you take a beer and look at the lawn,..... a while,......... decide where the middle is and then mow a few strips there first, then starting from the outside, mow clockwise round and round blowing all the choff towards that first mowed portion...
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    Dad’s 100

    These historical pictures are fascinating and is there not a place on the forum where such an archive could be preserved and added to as more emerge, open to he who wants to take a wander down memory lane, I dont mean our own favorite pic of our pet tractor pics, but historical records like...
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    New from Upstate NY

    Hello John, They love having their pictures taken, especially if they are in smiling condition, even if they have a limp or a bump we love to look and admire your collection and all he oddities that go with a collection that sneak into the frame, do share a few smiles.... (a picture saves a...
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    Second Spindle This Year

    No offense Mike, but is there a way to rotate images that are orientated to give viewers a sore neck? I can see that at the point of submission there is indeed one, but a few of us dont seem to notice that 'rotate image' button..... and I would like to look at that image a while... myself (but...
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    Back in the game!

    Welcome again to you and I like the idea of a large barn, i built a 6 car dungeon with the same expectation. Thanks for the "Hard to machine" suggestion, its been a mental challenge for several months already, and remains unresolved, at least in my simple mind. I may make a Plaster of Paris...
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    Back in the game!

    Welcome John (Jay) and wh cc Guy, this is off topic I know, but the thinking experience of two tool and die makers would probably answer this engineers puzzle in a moment. Can I invite you both (and anyone else who cares to venture an opinion) to comment. Ps I have two CC originals and a...
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    Darn yellow virus, thank you bob,, 128 born 1973

    If I knew how to start a new thread I would so maybe someone who knows can move this and call it something like: " Things we have told our "Managers" why we needed a new bit of yellow (Darn Yellow Fever), number 9 or 10 or whatever...." but this sort of fits here too borrowing one from another...
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    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    I agree with Marty's diagnosis of potential model number, First with a flashlight at a shallow angle shine on the raised block in your third picture and later to the left of the position Marty is pointing his pen to and if there are any indentations gently sand that block. all the early CC's...
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    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    The ID trick will probably be in the serial number of the TRACTOR, not the motor. (That's a nice set of pictures, but the serial number of the motor which you show is not the the clue to answering your question just yet) So to find this you need a scotch-bright or steel wool or really fine emery...
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    Deck and Mule Drive Parts

    I found I was getting a differential cut between mower blades, I removed the mower, flipped it over and turned the blades till the cutting edges were directly adjacent to each other (this might require releasing tension etc), and if there is a height difference then release the hub bolts and...
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    New project 105

    I had much that problem some years ago. Found an original 100, short of an engine but with a gearbox and creeper drive, as a garden ornament in a flower bed. It followed me home. Creeper drive seized, made a set of gears fit and then started the hunt for an motor. Found a Lincoln welder with a...
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    Refurbishing my 108

    Two of mine on display at a local fund raising car show for a police retirement facility in January 2020 (The trident was all hand built, beaten and rolled to get the body built) So I positioned mine close by and got lots of admiring looks and questions. made up a brochure with specs and...
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    Refurbishing my 108

    Morning all old and young Cubbers again, Thanks for the prompt responses, and RayF your two diagrams illustrate the issue exactly. Starting with the original 100 design, part 8 fits onto part 6 with a rolled pin and 60 years later ... sloppy Joe. I have for years toyed with cutting splines...
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    Refurbishing my 108

    Hello Fellow Cubers or is it Cadets....? I have a question. As I trolled the magnificent refurbishments, a few pictures sparked across the void between my ears. I refer you to this pictures "borrowed" from the above trail and in particular the front steering modification. So with apologies to...
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    K321 Laboring hard after warming up

    start by disconnecting the fuel line from the carb and blow back into the tank (with cap loosened), reconnect line to carb and see if problem persists, the fine mesh in tank may be restricting flow, then check the cap is breathing and not restricting flow after a while, i.e run it hard with cap...
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    What are these wheel weights from?

    Me thinks that's from a Gutbrod 1032 also sold under the name MotorStandard in the UK. They are wonderful little gems, got a super gearbox with a two speed PTO which is independent of the forward motion gearbox, if two sun and planet reduction gearboxes are also in your box of bits..... lets...
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    Cub 70 and 100 battery boxes.

    Both my 100's had the small battery box, I carefully centre punched and then drilled out three or four spot welds on each side from the inside of the battery box side and once sufficiently weakened pried the flap loose and then gently bend the flap down and remake the upward bend such that the...
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    Steering column search

    For those unfamiliar with them, The Ross steering boxes are used on the early John Deere tractortjies, and although the length of the main drive shaft was shorter on the JD's the mechanism is identical and so there is a source of second hand bits n bobs at JD graveyards as well. I got spares...