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  1. kmcconaughey

    Dad’s 100

    That's Art Aytay's 100 with the Deluxe Seat. He had it reupholstered. I believe that's my Original next to it. Art's "Plow Special" is at the back of the trailer.
  2. kmcconaughey

    slippery coating for snow thrower

    The brand name is "Slip Plate", there are several other similar products they are basically graphite paint. Another similar brand is "EZ Slide" Here's a link to some info on it in the CubFAQ: Slip Plate Here's a link to another entry in the CubFAQ: Slip Plate 2 It should be available in...
  3. kmcconaughey

    Lawns 2020

    I don't see "fertilize" on your list. The fall is the best time to fertilize, as grass is growing roots out in the fall rather than top growth. If you fertilize in the spring you just get more top growth and you have to mow more frequently. (if you are looking for more seat time on your Cub then...
  4. kmcconaughey

    Welder madness

    I guess that's one reason they make angle grinders...
  5. kmcconaughey

    Welder madness

    Wow, did they actually weld the seat pan to the mounting springs? Is the weld on the brake a repair or a modification of some sort?
  6. kmcconaughey

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time post. I have a few quewstions

    Here are some detail photos of the grill mesh and the springs (one per side) that should be holding it in. Here's a photo of a seat that I had reupholstered years ago. It ends up with a seam in it but it looks close to original.
  7. kmcconaughey

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time post. I have a few quewstions

    Tom, WELCOME! You did a nice job on the 1250. It's probable that you had the ISO mounts tightened down a bit too much, thus transfering the vibration to the chassis.. The 125 is my favorite model Cub Cadet. You got a deal for that $80, the rear lift is worth more than that! The grill mesh...
  8. kmcconaughey

    No start

    No spark condition could also be caused by corroded points contacts, especially if it's been setting for quite some time. It's fairly easy to clean the points contacts. Remove the points cover, (probably the hardest part of the process, well, that and replacing the points cover), run a piece of...
  9. kmcconaughey

    cub cadet rototiller gearbox 1450 side panels

    Robert's post is from December 2019 and was not deleted. In hindsight we should have deleted his for sale post(s). I hate to delete this now as Bob Elliott has posted that he has side panels available.
  10. kmcconaughey

    Ross steering rebuild

    John, hmmm, I would expect the same with the steering gear, looser in the middle and tight at the ends. It's been ages since I've messed with any of mine... I believe that the steering column was installed into the chassis before painting so the lower portion was painted yellow. The pedestal...
  11. kmcconaughey

    age dating question

    Justin, WELCOME! Serial number 40007 would have been built in August of 1962.
  12. kmcconaughey

    Pull Type Sickle Bar Mower

    Hydro, aka "eagle eye" I knew you'd spot a bunch of stuff! If I recall from the post where I originally saw those photos, it was on the old IH Registry forum, he mentioned that the rims were starting to bend. Did you happen to notice the front (JD or perhaps Bolens?) wheel weights or the SS...
  13. kmcconaughey

    149 hydro Problem

    The control lever has a tension/friction adjustment, there were two different styles, here's a link to the service manual, see below. Page 78 of the file (page 2-55 on the actual page) is where the info on the adjustment starts. As for the no forward, reverse or hydraulic lift, it sounds like...
  14. kmcconaughey

    Pull Type Sickle Bar Mower

    Paul, all, I should give proper credit for that photo of the Cub Cadet with all the wheel weights, and the two others posted here, they were taken by Tim Delooza. Here's some text from Tim about it from an email exchange he and I had some years back:
  15. kmcconaughey

    109 mule drive.

    John, There are two different styles, one for the 38" deck and one for the 44" and 50" decks. As for the spacer, check with forum sponsor R. F. Houtz & Sons, see the link at the top of the page, they sell new and used parts. Here's some detail photos from the manual: Here are some photos...
  16. kmcconaughey

    Pull Type Sickle Bar Mower

    Paul, you just need more weight on the Cub. :ROFLMAO:
  17. kmcconaughey

    125 in Great Shape

    Randy, hopefully you can go and get it. It looks like Robert has a decent 125 there and I hate the thought of it being scraped.
  18. kmcconaughey


    Vince, nice find. David, I only see one hydraulic lever and no outlet ports on the front. Still worth saving.
  19. kmcconaughey

    147 Project

  20. kmcconaughey

    125 in Great Shape

    After checking and rechecking my schedule, unfortunately I don't see where I am going to have time to go get the 125 and parts. :( Someone else is going to have to get them. Hopefully someone will.