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  1. kshultz

    Sheds and Shops

    Update: I ran out of gray so I started in on the orange. I think I just need one more gallon for the main room. The orange is going on rough. I needed to put on two coats. :confused: But hey, at least I got the TV hung. (y)
  2. kshultz

    Sheds and Shops

    John, The mezzanine was supposed to be just that. The "Man Cave", but I think now the whole darn thing is the "Man Cave". :LOL::ROFLMAO: Right now I have a ping-pong table up there. Maybe later in the future I'd like a pool table that I could put the ping-pong table on. That way I could have...
  3. kshultz

    Sheds and Shops

    This will be the basic color scheme. Gray on top and Harley-Davidson orange on the bottom with a black stripe in the middle.
  4. kshultz

    Sheds and Shops

    Started my winter project this week along with many other projects that have suddenly been put on hold. LOL As you can see my lovely wife is helping out. (y)
  5. kshultz

    All Things Deer

    Small 8 pt. buck harvested this last Saturday. 155 lbs. Supper was awesome! 😋
  6. kshultz

    Spraying water into the carb ?

    Huh....... I never heard of such a thing. So is this something that would fall under preventative maintainace? Maybe do this once a year or so?
  7. kshultz

    Wanted: John Deere 46" mowing deck

    WTB 46" mowing deck to fit a John Deere 210. I'm located in N.E. Indiana. Thanks!
  8. kshultz

    Posting in the right forum and little green tractors....

    This kind of goes with the "posting in the right forum". My question is, in the classified area didn't we have an "off topic for sale/wanted"? I see we have the "for sale", "wanted" and the "trade" but no "off topic for sale/wanted".
  9. kshultz

    50cc Mini Chopper

    This is gone. I wanted to trade it for a nice Cub Cadet, but unfortunatly someone offered me a JD so I took it. :sick:
  10. kshultz

    WTB 46" mower deck for John Deere 210

    I'm not sure where to post this now that we're on the new forum, so I'll stick it here. I'm looking for a 46" mower deck for a JD 210 garden tractor. Must have good bearings.
  11. kshultz

    50cc Mini Chopper

    For sale or trade for a running mowing Cub Cadet. $400.00 I may even consider one of those off topic tractors as long as it runs and mows fine. Mini Chopper runs and drives fine. Very low hours. Fun to ride for all ages. Made in China and the engine is very similar to the old Honda 50 Mini trial...
  12. kshultz

    Trying something new....

    Yeah, those are the ones. Kraig, I thought you made a few. Maybe even the 125 sticking it's tongue out GIF. LOL
  13. kshultz

    Trying something new....

    The watch feature will be good. (y) Hey, one thing I just noticed is that we don't have our old "Smilies". We had a lot of cool custom ones. 🤷‍♂️
  14. kshultz

    Welcome to the new home of IH Cub Cadet

    Boy this is gonna take some getting used to, but hey, I'm good with it.
  15. kshultz

    Archive through September 17, 2019

    That's pretty cool. They don't make 'em like they used to. I bet they wouldn't dream of advertising anything like that today.
  16. kshultz

    Wanted To Buy

    Gary, Sorry man, it looks like I already sold them. All I have is the other style of turf tires.
  17. kshultz

    Wanted To Buy

    Gary, Dang! Busy weekend and I forgot to look. I just wrote myself a note. I'll look tonight. Sorry.
  18. kshultz

    Wanted To Buy

    Gary, I think I might have a set of rears. Let me check when I get home. I'm fairly close to you. Kendallville.
  19. kshultz

    For Sale

    For you local people, I'm having a barn sale this weekend. Today, Friday and Saturday morning. Cub Cadet stuff going cheap.