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    Archive through July 09, 2016

    Jeremiah and Mike, I posted some pictures back on April 18, 2015 when I first installed the 50" deck on my 106. They show the points of contact.
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    Archive through June 06, 2014

    I have about a 1/4 acre next to my property that the farmer never plants. I usually mow it every other or every third time that I mow my lawn just to keep it cut down and easier for me to see traffic when I leave my driveway. It had been over 3 weeks since I mowed it and the grass was 16-18"...
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    Archive through September 02, 2009

    Now for which I prefer to use, I will take my wide frames any day. They are so much easier to work on. The friction disc is not hidden under the dash behind the steering shaft like on narrow frames. The center cover removes for easy access to the driveshaft, hydro linkage, and the dreaded broken...
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    Archive through July 19, 2007

    Thom, I pull a 48" spike aerator and a 48" thatcher at the same time behind my 106 in 2nd gear at about 1/4 throttle. The aerator and thatcher both have 3 cement blocks on them for weight. The aerator goes in about 2-3" depending on how hard the ground is. The main problem is not power to pull...
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    Archive through August 29, 2006

    Wayne, I move most of my snow with a 106 with a homemade 48" blade. I used to just put about 150# on the back and chains on the tires. I used to run 8.5's like your 108 should have. Last year I ran some 10.5's on it but had to put more weight on it to get the same traction. I can move a lot of...
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    Rock River Thresheree

    Just a few pictures from the thresheree today. This is a Super MTA w/350 Chevy engine This is a 706 w/396 Chevy engine I had never seen one of these before. It is a Hydro 70 Hi-clear. Here is a cotton picker on a Farmall M
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    Archive through February 28, 2004

    Jim B., I switched a old pin style 48" deck to the quick attach mounting. All I did was drill out the front eyes on the deck so the front quick attach eye brackets would fit. In the rear, I had to mount the quick attach pin assemblies. I just layed out where they had to go and drilled the 6...
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    Archive through February 11, 2004

    Cub Cadet is just trying to catch up on some of the losses from the Green guys. Deere made a killing last year by Home Depot selling the bottom line L series machines. And knowing first hand how that went, the dealerships still make money in the sales and service end. At least a Deere dealer has...
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    Archive through January 16, 2004

    Can anyone tell my how the hour meter is wired on a 169? All the wiring diagrams I have found do not show this. My 169 has some of the wiring a little mixed up and I would like to get it fixed before I install an engine in the frame. Thanks.