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  1. gloughery

    UR or UL battery terminals

    I am following Charlie’s advice and ordered an Interstate C75DT-XHD battery and not sure if a right-side positive will fit all 169 and older IHCC’s. I looked at all of mine and there is a mix of UL and UR but I see hints in older wiring that the positive is on the right. I need this for a 70...
  2. gloughery

    Worn bearing hole on wheel

    Howdy, any advice on how to tighten up a worn hole on a wheel? The picture is a front wheel, but the bearing does not fit tight and it spins freely. On the lower left you can see where PO must have tried to tighten it by making an ident, but it didn’t work. How do I fix this the right way...
  3. gloughery

    Yale-Towne 1-ton (BB) Hoist

    Lot's of reasons to stay inside so I am pulling some preventative maintenance. I am cleaning up an old spur-geared 1-ton hoist and want to re-grease the gears inside the gear box. How do I remove these horizontal pins to the left of the zerk fitting (hole, zerk removed)? The pins don't go...
  4. gloughery

    Archive through August 10, 2017

    Ethan, that's exactly what happened. I don't have a 1" open end thin enough to hold the top nut. I slowly turned the bottom nut. My arm was blocking my view and I stopped to take a look and POW! In addition to thin open ends, I also need thin-walled sockets and good snap ring pliers. And the...
  5. gloughery

    Archive through July 17, 2017

    Thanks Charlie, I'll pay attention to that. I also found a spring assist inside the frame with the 3 point lift, so this is perhaps more than just a nice parts tractor. I may have to change the oil and put in some fresh gas to see if I can get this started. This is how my last two CC's have come...
  6. gloughery

    Archive through June 26, 2017

    Thanks David, there is a sleeve that goes over the bolt (caliper spacer) that sets the space between the calipers, also under the spring. The whole assembly is loose on the bracket and I'm thinking shims, but these parts aren't flimsy sheet metal and should fit better than this.
  7. gloughery

    How to remove CC42 snow thrower auger?

    Howdy all, I have a CC42 for a 122 and want to remove the auger to replace the bearings. How do you get it out without cutting or bending anything? Thanks!