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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. mgonitzke

    782D exhaust pic please

    These parts from the 582 are Briggs part numbers and will bolt right up to that engine. 2x BS-691970 PIPE ASSY, EXHAUST [google says that number replaces BS-398349 shown below] and 1x BS-491307S EXHAUST MUFFLER. This is shown in the Cub Cadet Parts lookup:
  2. mgonitzke

    782D exhaust pic please

    A muffler from a 580, 582, 582 special, 1604, and a couple other models I'm forgetting would bolt on. Or you could modify the KT-17 muffler with the manifolds on the muffler bolted to the 'new' engine. Lots of options other than cutting a hole in the side panel.
  3. mgonitzke

    782D exhaust pic please

    How can the exhaust not run out the front? If I remember the pic you posted, it's a horizontally-opposed Briggs twin. A version of that was used in the 582 and the exhaust goes out the front.
  4. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 107 not charging - I am stumped

    While the tractor is running, temporarily ground the "F" terminal on the starter/generator. This will cause full output if it is working properly, peg the ammeter to the 'charge' side, and you should read 15+V across the battery terminals. If not, the field coils on the starter/generator are...
  5. mgonitzke

    PTO Clutch set screws

    5/16-18 and be done with it. You guys are WAAYYYY overthinking this.
  6. mgonitzke

    PTO Clutch set screws

    Where are you finding 5/16-20 setscrews? As I said...not a standard size. I'm pretty sure you mean 5/16-18...
  7. mgonitzke

    PTO Clutch set screws

    5/16-18 is the standard 5/16" coarse thread. 5/16-24 is the standard fine thread. 5/16-20 is an odd size that is not a current standard. You won't find setscrews that size easily if at all. Given the part is cast iron, I'd prefer coarse threads.
  8. mgonitzke

    Newly Acquired 149: Modified Deck

    Yes, with the matching mule drive and subframe.
  9. mgonitzke

    Belt size needed.

    That info can be found here: http://ccmanuals.info/pdf/QA%2038-42-48%20Deck%20Operators%20Manual-2.pdf
  10. mgonitzke

    Replace PTO pulley with aux hydro-pump

    I did something like that with my 682 loader tractor. I made a separate reservoir as I didn't care to have it be shared with the transaxle. The fenders have to be raised an inch to allow a shaft out the back of the hydro unit to pass under the battery box. A starter/generator (or even...
  11. mgonitzke

    1450 with No spark

    The points begin to break when the "S" mark is centered in the sight hole, which corresponds to 20 degrees before top dead center. This is what the timing needs to be set to, not TDC. Here is a more detailed procedure for static timing than what is in the Kohler manual...
  12. mgonitzke

    1450 spreading 400 lbs of manure

    Spreader has lug tires to drive all the mechanical stuff on it. Probably won't work with turf tires on it.
  13. mgonitzke

    Belt size needed.

    That is a 48" deck, which was the largest deck offered for this tractor.
  14. mgonitzke

    Belt size needed.

    That is a 48" deck, which uses a considerably shorter PTO belt. Part number is in the link in Harry's first reply.
  15. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 125 Demonstrator??

    Can't remember who posted the info, but IIRC they are the same shade of yellow, but one had a corrosion inhibitor.
  16. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 125 Demonstrator??

    3 shades of white during IH production, and one shade of yellow. If you get Irongard white from an IH dealer, it will be the 935 white that was used last. If you want the other colors, you will have to have auto paint tinted with the numbers here: http://cubfaq.com/paint.html
  17. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 125 Demonstrator??

    No such thing as a demonstrator for these. That tractor has been at least partially repainted- the hood decals are on backwards. The hood, fiberglass dash, and front wheels are white. The rest of the tractor itself is yellow.
  18. mgonitzke

    Belt size needed.

  19. mgonitzke

    782 Restore paint

    Original, unfaded paint might be darker than you think. Let's play 'what is original and what is Rustoleum Almond?' :)
  20. mgonitzke

    782 Restore paint

    Rust-Oleum Almond is very close to the original white color used at that time. IMO, no sense in using any "better" paint than that on a mower deck on a working tractor, as it is just going to get scratched and scuffed anyway.