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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. R

    CUB 108 Starter Generator

    Early S/G's came with a ball bearing in the tail end cap as that is what was used back then in the early 60's. While it worked okay, over time the heat and brush filings would cause the tail bearing to fail which often caused damage to the armature and other internal components that required...
  2. R

    hydrostatic oil questions

    As Charlie mentioned, HyTran is your best choice for our old IH Hydro transmissions. It suspends moisture to protect your hydrostatic pump/motor components. That's the jelly you saw when you removed the rear cover. Your local CaseIH dealer can fix you up with HyTran. You will need 7quarts...
  3. R

    Trans oil change

    If you don't have a local Cub Cadet dealer nearby, Charlie's Cub Cadet Specialties can fix you up with the correct Hydro oil.
  4. R

    782D journey

    Is Manhtech still in business? I can't find their website anymore. They used to have a nice website that had all there pricing information and instructions on sending in relief valves for rebuild. They also had a nice selection of parts they made for Cub Cadets as well like brass buttons for...
  5. R

    149 making rattle sound especially on shut down.

    Ditto what Mike and Dave said on checking the harden steel pin and front coupler where the front end of the driveshaft goes into the flywheel. That harden steel pin often wears a notch into the front end of the fore/aft slot of the coupler and when you shut the engine down, the pin/drive shaft...
  6. R

    Parts Wanted Looking for Hydrostatic suction tube assembly - IH-394827-R21

    Check with the sponsors above for a good used short suction tube assembly. You can buy new tube assembly from CC, as they are still available,but a bit pricey.
  7. R

    Parts Wanted Looking for Hydrostatic suction tube assembly - IH-394827-R21

    The multi-piece suction line posted above will likely not work with a later ported hydro pump as the threads are different (coarser) at the inlet port. Hopefully your ported pump has the 727-3009 union fitting for the flared end of one-piece suction tube.
  8. R

    Dragged nother 1 in.

    Looks similar to the spring that keeps the hydro/brake pedal in the up position. Alternately, if you have individual brake pedals, could be the spring that keeps one of them up in the release position.
  9. R

    So a friend sent me a text..

    WOW, what a mess! Whoever was the previous owner of that wiring hack job should never be allowed near anything mechanical or electrical ever again! Depending what model/options, not every connector is utilized in the wiring harnesses. Also, it appears that many of the original switches may...
  10. R

    K301 rebuild

    IH had Kohler paint the engines Federal Yellow for Cub Cadets so they wouldn't have to mess with masking and painting in their factory. The Starter/Generators were installed and also painted yellow by Kohler (starter belts got overspray) until late in the 1x6/7 Series production or the...
  11. R

    Tractor For Sale For sale 125, 127, 129. $3800.00 call me if interested 847-561-7545. Chuck

    Chuck, I think you typo'd one of the models. I don't see a 127 in the picture. I see a 123, 125 and 129. The 125 looks awesome. Nice restoration.
  12. R

    Correct mower belt for a 147?

    The center drive pully on your 48" deck is smaller than the pulley on a 42" deck hence the need for the shorter belt that Matt mentioned (IH-489397-R3). You mentioned that the new belt (IH-490489-R2) is narrower than the belt you're replacing. That is correct and the way it should be. IH used...
  13. R

    K301 rebuild

    Federal Yellow is the color IH used on Cub Cadets and the CE equipment in the Pay line. It's available through your local CaseIH or Cub Cadet dealer or from Charlie at Cub Cadet Specialties, as noted at the top of the page. Part number is 759-3263
  14. R

    Hy-Tran fluid purchase locations

    Cub Cadet dealers and Cub Cadet Specialties have Hy-Tran too, but there are two Hydro Transmission fluids versions available. You need to ask for the original (earlier version) called "Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid," P/N 737-3025. I believe this fluid is still sourced from Viscosity Oil...
  15. R

    782 Hydrostatic leak, Cork Seal?!

    You can remove the hydro pump without taking the rearend out the back of the frame, but you need to get things cleaned up really good well around hydro pump and transmission before doing that. Based on the amount of oily dirt caked on top and the sides, your hydro relief valves are definitely...
  16. R

    Starter generator

    Recommend you check the brushes inside the SG and replace them. When they get worn down, they can sometimes hang up in the guide. The SG will still start the engine, but it won't charge. Also get a vacuum and a scraper to clean out brush filings buildup. On the original topic involving the...
  17. R

    Will Tiller from CC109 Fit on My CC100

    Your 100 and 122 are both narrow frame Cub Cadets. You will need both a "narrow frame" lift hitch (as David mentioned) and helper lift spring to aid in lowering and lifting the tiller in and out of the ground (unless you have the narrow frame hydraulic lift attachment). The gearbox and...