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  1. zkoester

    Looked at this today

    Pretty neat seeing these old steel cabs
  2. zkoester

    Narrow frame sleeve hitch sale or trade

    Sorry but I sold it! But wish I still had it to trade you!
  3. zkoester

    IH Cub Cadets Elida, OH

    Hello everyone! Im Zack Koester and ever since I was little I’ve been around Cubs. All started with my dads 1200 he bought new at the end of 1977. I’ve got many pictures growing up with this and still have it and use it today in it’s good work clothes. I bought my own Cub when I was around 13...
  4. zkoester

    Thoughts on a dethatcher

    Dad and I have always just used our little 40 inch or so pull behind. He bought it new in the 90s. I just broke one of the fingers last yr. We always dethatch in the spring
  5. zkoester

    70 spring maintenance

    Morning everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted on here. Figured I should post some of the work on my 70. I restored this 70 when I was like now being 31 I now think to myself while working on it... "What was I thinking?" Lol. My creeper drive has always leaked, and recently my...
  6. zkoester

    Why Huge Difference in HP.....Vintage VS Modern....

    I remember this lawsuit lol
  7. zkoester

    Narrow VS Wide Chassis

    The 73 was manual, but yes for the most part odd hydro, even manual. Spread frame was different i believe
  8. zkoester

    How do you care for your underside mow deck ?

    Yea, i tried like 5 different undercoats and GUNK brand and the expensive 3M work best. Other brands fell off like you said
  9. zkoester

    How do you care for your underside mow deck ?

    Telling you the best thing you can do....on new or old decks. Wire wheel it clean if an older deck, put a good coat of paint on it. Then get some 3M under coating (what you spray on truck frames) and put a good coat on top of that. Seals every thing up, protects moisture from sticking grass, and...
  10. zkoester

    Model 100 fuel line

    All that rubber piece is, is rubber fuel line. Nothing fancy, don't need brass compression fittings. I believe it's just 1/4" fuel line, just cut a small width of it, slide it on, screw it back down. Works great, have it on my 70 and 100 copper lines
  11. zkoester

    Towing ability 127

    I've pulled around a car trailer in my old drive way because of how tight it was to turn back there, it had probably 1000lbs of old truck on it and the trailer was probably 2500lbs. Tongue weight was a little much for the 100 but moved it ok. Dad has a 1200 and we used it all the time to move...
  12. zkoester

    Tachometer used to set speed on K-301

    My snap on multimeter has a function on it where i hook a clamp on the #1 spark plug and it will read rmps. Works pretty good
  13. zkoester

    Battery Charger—Which one?

    I've got two of these Noco and I like them. Works on my farmall H 6v and everything else I have.
  14. zkoester

    7hp kohler air cleaner cover

    I have for sale a kohler k161 7hp air cleaner cover. Has been sandblasted and outside has been primed. Very small pitting,and one very little dink on the face of the cover. $25.00 can ship at extra cost. Lima, ohio