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    Archive through September 26, 2019

    Charlie- How does that tractor steer? Is it articulated underneath or something of the like? Strange! .
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    Archive through September 26, 2019

    I raised the hood to check the fuel and found this today on Turtle, my 108. Fortunately I haven't used him much lately. It's been a very hot summer and I don't like running cubs above 90* depends on the humidity. Had I run Turtle much things could have taken a bad turn I...
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    Garden 2019

    Chinese okra anyone??? .
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    Archive through September 12, 2019

    Austin- If you are working with a Walbro then disregard my previous doesn't apply. .
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    Archive through September 12, 2019

    Austin- Did you remove/clean the main jet from the emulsion tube? It can be tricky and requires a proper fitting screwdriver. If it is "stuck" by all means don't try and force it too much. It doesn't take much to make it very difficult to remove by destroying the screwdriver slot. When I have...
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    I was not planning to restore my 1450, but...

    Christopher- Have you gone to the FAQs (top of each page below the banners), then Charlie's FAQs, and read number 23? It's a nice improvement to tackle while the engine is on the bench. .
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    Archive through September 08, 2019

    Bradley- I don't have the p/n for the seals but you might want to get two when you find them. That's what most people are doing now. The OEM seal may have been thicker but the seals available today are apparently thin enough to use two. Maybe someone will chime in with the p/n for you...
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    Archive through August 17, 2019

    Charlie- Can you find more on that heck of a set-up on an original? I'd like to know whether it's articulated or what??? Were do you find these crazy builds??? .
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    Garden 2019

    I've always heard that the thing to do is buy your neighbors bug bags. I hung a bug bag one year many years ago and I think I had more beetles that year than ever before or since. I dug a post hole close to the trap and dumped the bag there when it was full. It was eventually dug up by a coon...
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    Steve Shaff's Dad

    Steve- It's always tough to lose someone close especially a tractor lover like everyone here. My thoughts are with you. .
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    We've got a pretty great group here....

    I bet those other forums don't have a "Geezers Garage" either or even an OTF like we have here. And I agree that Charlie has put up with all sorts of rhetoric but somehow keeps turning the page. Great group of guys here! .
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Mike- Thanks for the reply. The engine has been getting tired and I was planning on going through it eventually...probably in the winter. I'm guessing the few strokes from the engine after the key is off pumped enough gas??? I've never experienced this before. .
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    I went to start the 149 this am for a little exercise and battery charging. When I turned the key it back fired with an attitude. I've never heard such a loud back fire. I knew immediately that it blew the spark plug right out of the head and sure enough, the spark plug along with the helicoil...
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    Archive through July 26, 2019

    John- Those appear to be plastic hubcaps and if so they should pop off with some gentle persuasion with a pry bar. Once the caps are off the rest should be obvious as to how to remove the wheel. My guess would be a snap ring or "E" clip. .
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    Archive through July 11, 2019

    Thanks Paul, Kraig for the #2 pics. .