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    100/70 parts tractor

    I will get some pictures of it.
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    100/70 parts tractor

    Where are you located? I live in Beloit, WI and have a 100 with a broken rod.
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    Mark Twain Old Threshers/MO IHCC Chapter #5 state show July 11-13 Parin, MO

    David, I heard they fell short of the 1000 mark. I also read that next years feature may be Cub Cadet and Sears.
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    How Cold Is IT?

    April 27th and they are talking 3-6" of snow on the Wisconsin-Illinois border. It was in the 70's this week.
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    Archive through April 09, 2019

    I picked up the head and gasket for the 1650 today. I will try to get it running this weekend. I also found out that the OEM .010" oversized rod for a K301 is no longer available except for after market. Not sure I want to go that route but may have to.
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    Archive through April 06, 2019

    Not a good cub day today. Topped off the oil and fuel in the 109 and fired her for the first time this spring. Started leveling off the driveway from the ruts of the spring thaw. Did this for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden she quite running. Cranked her over and no compression. Pulled...
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    How Cold Is IT?

    I had -33 Thursday morning. I work at Ryder truck rental and we had a couple techs work 27 straight hours trying to get trucks running. Almost 100 bottles of 911 were used. Some shops refused to send their techs out in the cold. One of those shops called us and started chewing our ass because we...
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    Ross Steering Box Socket

    Craftsman used to sell sockets for that use. They came in 1/2' width to 1 1/4" wide. I have the set and they work great for steering boxes.
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    Wanted To Buy

    Looking for a good used head for a K341 in a 1650. E-mail is in profile
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    2018 Portage GT Daze 7-12 thru 7-15

    Just read on Facebook they are now over 800 units and counting.
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    Archive through May 31, 2018

    Marty, this 129 runs extremely well with this carb on it. I would just like to put a new needle and seat in it to get to reliable again if possible. With all of medical issues, he is kind of strapped for cash and want to get it running as cheap as possible. I have the carb off and would like to...
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    Archive through May 31, 2018

    Question for the experts. I have a friend that has had a 129 that has ran good for years and he loves it. He asks me to fix every little problem on it. He his 86 years old and had open heart surgery last year and can't get around very well. Well this week he pulls it out, mows about 10' and it...
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    Archive through May 14, 2018

    Yes Digger, you are missing the main aspect of the steering. The yoke tightens against those sleeves and the sleeves turn inside the axle. The bolt should never turn inside the sleeves. That is why the grease goes between the sleeves and the axle housing.
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    ROCKFORD PLOW DAY April 14th, 2018

    Come on Steve, we have plowed under snow at Travis's in the past. lol
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    Archive through March 21, 2018

    Glen, you posted the deck s/n as 421U1116 so it is a 42" deck.