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    Haban front blade - 982

    I found a piece of rubber belting that was 4" wide by 1/2" thick that works great. It has lasted 3 years and is in will need replaced after this winter I think. So will give me 4 years service. I would have liked something 5 to 6 inches so I could turn it over but what I got there is enough to...
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    Haban front blade - 982

    I have been using a rubber cutting blade on my Haban for 3 years now. I love it, it doesn't scape up the paved areas like steel and is much quieter. Also use it on my gravel areas and same thing quiet and won't scape as much gravel away when plow shoes are set down all the way.
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    782 with both plow and sleeve hitch...???

    I have an 1872 with plow and sleeve hitch. I take my snow plow off every year after the snow season is done. it doesn't take that much time and it also saves fuel and wear and tear to the tractor.