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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    I would like to hear what you think of the welder after using it a few times.
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    Power steering cylinder rebuild

    Thanks guys. I bit the bullet today and bought a new one from Cub Cadet Specialties. I rebuilt the box a few months back. It was flowing oil out of the top of the steering column.
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    Power steering cylinder rebuild

    Is anyone out there aware of a place that will rebuild a power steering cylinder for a 1872? Has anyone found an after market alternative cylinder? Thanks
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    Hydro Trunion Repair

    Can I get your advise of this. I took it apart today and have attached pics. Notice that my pins are square shaped. Also someone cut and welded on the damper plate. My gut is that they cut the top of the damper plate off to work on it instead of taking it apart. I have new springs and...
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    Hydro Trunion Repair

    The Plate can be purchased at Extreme Motor works. Here is the link: Cub Cadet Rear End Parts 3 Point A-Frames Cat 0 Category 0 Lift - Cub Cadet Parts List International Harvester IH Cub Cadet 3 Points Sleeve Hitch Parts
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    Hydro Trunion Repair

    I am going to try my first Trunion Repair. I have read the FAQ and I have the suggested key stock. My question is, can simply weld the key stock to the existing structure? It will then become thicker and a bit ugly but will it work correctly? The sides will then have a different position...
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    WWII Farmall H

    Back in the day I also bailed some hay with an H. One had to quickly flip in into neutral when the hay was heavy. No live power unless you had the M&W aftermarket.
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    582 Special/ D.O.W

    I have a special but mine was painted Cub Cadet white and yellow. Did they make both colors? It has the belt clutch as opposed to the normal disc clutch.
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    1863 vs. 1882

    The 82 also has independent breaks which I beleive the 63 does not have.
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    Trunion Repair

    If I get the Trunion Repair Kit from Extreme Mototworks do I have to cut my old piece off and weld on a new one or can I attach to old one on top of the new one? Thanks
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    Engine Oil and spark plug type?

    I have been following this discussion. Let me please add my question. I was once told by someone that it is OK to switch from non synthetic to synthetic. But once you changed to synthetic that you have to stay with it? Any thoughts on this?
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    Charging issues

    An additional thought. If you bought a new voltage regulator it's possible that the terminals are not the same for the old to the new. I think it's the "field" that was moved. This happened to several months back and threw me for a loop. There may be a old entry on this, from when I got help...
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    Charging issues

    There are a couple of ways to check it. If you have a volt meeter an easy way is to measure the batteies voltage with the switch off. If the battery is fully charged it should measure about 13.2 volts DC. Start the tractor and with it running and lights off, measure it again. The new...
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    Transmission speed change

    Thank for the suggestions. The filter and the fluid are both within the last year. I took a look at some of the FAQs and I think #32 and #33 might help me. I am currently in North Carolina and the tractor is in Ohio. I will dig into it as soon as I can and let the group know where I end up...
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    Transmission speed change

    I have a 1872 hydro that is flakey in terms of ground speed. Sometime when going up hill I have to advance the speed control lever (or the ground speed slows significantly even stalls). Sometimes on level gound or a slight down hill it takes off on me and I need to move the lever toward...