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    Nooooo, definitely works wonders for two stage blowers. Put on the impeller blades to create a zero gap between impeller and housing. Impeller blades... Not the auger Don't spend the big $ on these kits. Create your own. My local tractor store sells 4" belting (2ply) by the foot. Buy 1 foot...
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    Kohler generator L654

    Wow I don't know the model but it looks very much like the one I had in my '67 Cris craft.
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    I put Belting material on my walk behind Snowblowers. I'm one of those guys who has equipment follow them home. I tinker, get it running and give them to friends family and neighbors. I must have put belting on impeller of 10 blowers. It is a great help for both distance throwing and 'no...
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    Oh, I know. When working on my manager pond, I added many bags to a slightly porous dam. I went down hard a fee times. I thought it a bit gritty for a gearbox application.
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    Bentonite..... That's clay
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Two Spinners? Does one get in the way of the other? I. E. Does your forearm hit one when using the other?
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    Wheels up or down ?

    Many new Zero Turns do just that. They float on chains from the machine so they do follow the lawn better
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    Cold Feet

    Funny, I had a pair of sorels, conquests. Liked them a lot but before the first cold season ended the rubber lowers split. So much for waterproof. Looking at the reviews, many people had same issue. I'm glad you are having better luck
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    Cold Feet

    I too have the Muck Boot Arctic Pros. Very good boots. Only issue I have is that the 'hard shell' outside splits where it creases as you walk. Mine are 7 years old. They neoprene. Basically a scuba diving wetsuit made as a boot. Also look at Dry Shod. I think that's the name. The...
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    1862 Governor surging

    What 1811CUB said. Jetting might be just a bit gummed up.
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    New to me

    1960 Impala....last year of the stainless steel hubcaps. If I recall
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    Cub Cadet ltx50 Carburetor question

    Not familiar with this specific fuel pump but fuel pumps I have played with would be ruined by carb cleaner. Carb cleaner would play havoc with the diaphragm material. I would blow thru all the fuel lines and make sure fuel filter is not blocked. Looking at the fuel pump on that engine...
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Gee, when you said "servicing the girls" a whole different picture ran thru my mind. 😈
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    tranny trouble

    thanks for info. I gotta clean the area, park on level ground and watch closely.