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    Mini 1466 clone

    I have to agree with Steve. I have been considering doing this my self. Found this image on Pinterest
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    1450 Power steering Upgrade

    some pictures of when I mounted cyclops Power steering on a 1650 loader tractor a few years back. It was not a twin stick but there was room for the dual valve. I pretty much followed Steve B's install. It worked well and now is in the capable hands of Dale M. Hope these help.
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    Aluminum Rims 26X12X12

    I will take them. I will send PM for info. I live in Defiance Ohio. Tom
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    Geezers! Garage!

    Tom Hoshock
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    Here's a long shot question!

    I found this on the Yesterday's Tractor Co store. I have a 706 and a 560 and both of them have one on them. Hood Ornament, Chrome - For tractor models 200, 230, 240, 330, 340, 404, 444, 460, 504, 544, 560, 606, 656, 660, 664, 706, 756, 826, 2404, 2444, 2504, 2544.