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  1. Shaggy77

    Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts questions

    You dilute it and a gallon would last a long long time. A gallon haa lasted us at work approx a year or so. And we use the machine daily.
  2. Shaggy77

    Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts questions

    We use this at work and it works in my opinion better than the omegasonics branded stuff we used to use. Gets carbs clean and a bit easier on aluminum. Doesn't leave it stained as easily as long as you watch the heat but if you get busy and forget about it and leave it overnight its pretty...
  3. Shaggy77

    Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts questions

    If you get the actual cleaner that is supposed to be used it will work even better.
  4. Shaggy77

    Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts questions

    I have used them for years at work cleaning carbs. We have a Omega Sonics and they work well. However they are pretty pricey I think the last one they bought at work was about $2000 for a 5 gallonish model. One thing you have to make sure of is that if you stick aluminum carbs in you don't use...
  5. Shaggy77

    New member, 184 starting issues :-(

    Just throwing this out there because it sounds like you are chasing this in a circle. I am not really familiar with these engines. However if you are getting fuel, spark and are sure you have the timing set with the marks. The next thing I would check is camshaft timing. I looked up and please...
  6. Shaggy77

    125 Motor Issue?

    I have the same after market type setup on my 100 and 1250 for the breather. One thing that Polaris and Kawasaki do is to cut a slit in the hose. That way if it freezes it vents out the cut. The new Mule Pros are good at blowing spark plug o-rings the solution cut a slit in the breather tube...
  7. Shaggy77

    IH Cub Cadet 682 coil

    I use a one from a motorcycle. Since I got it through work it was just more convenient at the time. Has been working great for about 2 years. Emgo Universal Ignition Coil 48-98618 plus its chrome.
  8. Shaggy77

    Wanted- QA42A Snowblower

    I have one Center Point IA. Will try to get pictures tomorrow. I'm thinking $125 since I don't need it and it isn't doing any good sitting around.