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    Parts For Sale 3000 series front bumper for sale

    Do you have any other 3000 series parts?
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    Geezers! Garage!

    Ron Roark
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    HDS 3186

    I have a 3235 with 850ish hours. The only issues I have had with it were the deck bearing and pullies around 700 hour.
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    582 Special/ D.O.W

    Used a 582 ( not special) Shaft drive 16 hp twin Briggs with a creeper gear 42 inch deck. Used it for many years, it survived the hurricane Ike flood. One of the best grass cutting cubs I ever owned. kept it for 2 years after I got my 3235, didn’t want to sell it but it went to a good home and...
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    48" GT deck fitment on an 82 series

    you may want to start a new topic, the 3000 series deck drive is totally different from the 82 series, I have owned several 82s, and it will be easier for other 3000 owners to help you with 3204. My 3235 originally had a 60 in deck, it was too big for my new place. So I found a 44 in and sold...