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    Archive through June 01, 2010

    1960 Cub Cadet serial number 5048. Everything works, runs,stops,shifts ect. clutch has to be rebuilt. Includes rebuilt steering column and fenders neither installed. Also a front blade and some miscellaneous parts. I wanted to referbish this but don't have the time. $500.00 email in my profile.
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    Archive through February 27, 2010

    Dennis Frisk, No not in the opposite direction to the rears. Correctly.
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    Archive through February 26, 2010

    WINTER UPDATE The 104 has not read what it can't do so it has just gone ahead a done it. Oil: straight 40w Pennzoil. It has started all winter. On one 3 degree day I had to turn the key twice. Rear tires. Ag bar lug with chains. Nothing has stopped it. Front tires. Ag bar tread mounted...
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    Archive through January 15, 2010

    Some can read a book real good. But in the real world send you the wrong parts. It's easy to be theoretically correct. But not as easy to be right.
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    Archive through January 11, 2010

    Winter up date. Still running 40W and the 104 is starting without any assistance from anything including shelter, with temps at start time of 8 degrees. I'll keep ya posted.
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    Archive through January 08, 2010

    We got about 3-5 inches of dry snow. Piece of cake. I made a pile to see what the 104 was gonna do. It's handling everything. Bar tread with chains on a sidewalk... no problem. Bar tread on the front mounted the same direction as the rears.. no problems. And I tried to create some just to see. I...
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    Archive through November 01, 2009

    Donald Tanner,
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    Archive through December 30, 2009

    Bruce Nolte, Good looking Cubs. Are the tires filled on the NF? How is the rear setup on the WF? Chains? Weights? Tread?
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    Archive through December 30, 2009

    Kraig McConaughey, I use to put axle grease on a 3 bottom plow after plowing. Made my leather work gloves soft too. Charlie "Digger" Proctor, Cheep 40 year old parts!
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    For what it's worth

    For what it's worth, Cub Cadets and this forum have helped me get through one year without alcohol and my preferred herb, both of which I have enjoyed for about 40 years. I guess that when you wake up one morning with only a drooping eye lid from a stroke in your sleep and realize you could have...
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    Steve Shaff, Solid for the 70/100, vented for the rest.
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    Kendell Ide, If it's not bent then it's usable. If it'll separate into it's sections then it's transportable. Assuming both of those are true, we could work something out. I do have some parts and tractors. The biggest/hardest part would be transporting the 5 pieces. I can get help putting it...
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    Kendell Ide, I could use that tower. Think about bringing it south with a friend in the spring. Help me get it up and leave with an IH Cub Cadet.
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    Kendell Ide, I usually buy high and sell low too. I wanted the tubes to help keep my old bones warm. And there is a smell to them too. I'm guessing it's ozone (???). I'm staying home more and more so portability isn't high up on my list. ... My back hurt for the rest of the day after...
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    Archive through December 26, 2009

    I got my Drake station. TR 4 RV 4 ect,ect. If you have any 4 line accessories contact me. I have some Cub stuff I can trade.