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    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    Oh boy, I really, really want to attend. Wife says Ok, I'll give it a serious effort.
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    105 for sale

    Jay, I'm kinda interested, waiting for pics. My email should be in profiles
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    Geezers! Garage!

    Ron Thomley
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    You beat me to it , Charlie
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    Several years ago I simply replaced the drive pulley on thrower . I don't remember for sure but I believe I went from a 4 inch to a 3 1/2 inch. You probably will need a shorter belt, too. It really does make a difference. I could throw snow into my neighbors driveway. (I didn't, but could)
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    Long time Cub Cadet Fan, more recently a lurker

    Good luck on your project. Yeah, i wanted my controls on the right side ,as I was very used My farm Tractors. However after adding the foot control, I've gotten used to the left side. I guess twenty odd years will do that. Ron
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    Long time Cub Cadet Fan, more recently a lurker

    Welcome Andrew, I have Johnson loader I use often. It's been reinforced little, mounted on a wide frame. When I got it years ago it was on a narrow . I took some pics for you. Hope it helps
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    Gardens 2020

    Ok, I have to ask. What's with the bags? Are you catching those little black bug that are in my grapes? I've been spraying with sevin(?), but would rather not. So am curious a bout the bags, thanks in advance
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    Cubs to repair

    More progress, 149 with loader, and another 149 running good, Can't get 109 to keep running, will be waiting for new points, ne ed s more tuning too. The 123 , 109, another 149, 102 and I'm not sure what else for later. Unofficially in 1937, and 1993 this Rush river rose high, but not like...
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    Cubs to repair

    Hey, I think I figured out how to post!! Yeah guys, thanks for the comments, what a mess, We saved most of basement, carpets mainly gone. Four vacuums, 3 were shop vaccine, two sump pumps, 150 ft hose,and lots of .help. Once water receded, we could check the shop and lean-tos. The 70...