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    Cub 70 and 100 battery boxes.

    You are right on the early 100's but the OCC and the 70 are really very different. Do you own both? Not being rude, just looking to clarify. Randy
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    Pto rear

    They made a belt pulley adapter for the IH cub that will fit on the Cub Cadet. It is for using a flat belt.
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    Pto rear

    What kind of pulley are you thinking about? Randy
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    Steering column search

    Old Ford garden tractors used a ross box too. The other parts are different but the box is the same I believe. The one I have is a three turn as well. Randy
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    Tractor Lifts

    Built this cub workbench mostly out of reclaimed crate wood from work, I just us a winch to pull them up on. The boards in the center slide forward and back to use a jack and to get out of the way to work on things up through the middle.
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    Dave S. 149/DanCo loader rehab project.

    Tractor looks great!! Hope you are able to get the parts you need to finish it! Randy
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    The Perfect Plow Tractor?

    Jealous of you fellows that have plowdays close!! I guess I just need to load up and head east sometime. Plan to do more things once my kids are grown. Randy
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    Archive through April 17, 2013

    Thanks Don, I am pretty handy in the building dept. but I don't know jack about hydraulics so I will be looking for help there. I know everything is in the blueprints but I also know there are probably cheaper options for those that know them. I also like things neat and tidy, so I know I...
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    Archive through April 17, 2013

    I know it would Frank, and its on my top 10 list right now. I have bought PF Eng. plans and have a sheet of steel for the bucket plus a few things here and there but I am laid off right now so things are moving out, not in, the cub shed right now! Good things come to those who wait, so I...
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    Archive through April 17, 2013

    You guys are killing me with the loader pictures! I have a really bad back and shoulder, maybe the Doc could write me a prescription for a front end loader? Randy
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    Archive through April 12, 2013

    Sounds fun Nic, but KC to St. Louis is probably too far for me. Good luck with the season! Randy
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    Archive through April 12, 2013

    Sorry Nic, must be something not on the site about rules I am not seeing. I didn't see any division of stock and mod tractors. I see in the rules that alcohol, billet heads, modified carbs, port and polish and pro tires are ok. I didn't see any restriction on cams either. I don't see how a stock...
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    Archive through April 12, 2013

    Nic, I slipped over to your site and voted on your sled. You have a nice website. I wish you had a stock class of some kind, looks like it takes a little more money to pull with you guys. Seems like you have plenty of pullers though, so must be what everyone wants there. Randy
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    Archive through April 03, 2013

    Terry, if you have a 7HP crank you have to use the 7HP rod, the 8 horse has a longer stroke so it takes a shorter rod since the pistons in the 7 and 8 both have the same wrist pin height. I hope that helps. Randy
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    Archive through April 01, 2013

    John, Tom was making a puny! The did not make a left hand OCC, that was an upside down negative. Randy