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  1. rkuik

    Pair of 1450's just got last week.

    thank you for all your comments and help on the HVC. sad to know the 0066 is not a one of a kind, but life goes on. i guess having a 108 Garden Special is my one off. not sure how fast this will be a restore conversion as not retired yet, just tired, so they may sit in the shed for a while...
  2. rkuik

    Pair of 1450's just got last week.

    just picked up a pair of 1450's last week. not sure what the plan of attack should be, all though i have time. the 4/75 is running, needs battery, hydr lift lever, muffler box, side shields. the 9/78 has no engine, but rest is there, however, the battery box is real bad. i am debating of...
  3. rkuik

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    i have seen people use the golf tee's before, but did not really believe sealed 100%, and as far as cheap, they are less than a buck, so add w/your next order from Charlie. drilled the 1/2" hole, snapped if really tight and worked just like the old ones.
  4. rkuik

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    i have several of the old plastic gas cans for gas, well i have a compact diesel kubota also. after i got it, look hi and low for the "non" safety can to no avail and broke down and bought a "safety" one. what a mistake, spilled more fuel w/that than i wanted. UNTIL i found on 'diggers" site...
  5. rkuik

    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    Well the Lord gave us great weather for the show. Not too warm and no rain. Nic said he read I believe 860 tractors. Had a great time thanks to Bret and his staff to put on another great show.
  6. rkuik

    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    Well, it starts tomorrow at noon. We will not be there until Friday morning. Looking forward to the show. The weather is looking better than it was in the beginning of this week. It will be a great time with featuring Cub Cadet and Sears, and of course the Colt/Case/Ingersoll show. See you...
  7. rkuik

    RED Power Round UP, 2021 DuQuion IL, July 1, 2 &3

    had great time, got wet in morning on Thursday, but cleared up about 11. they had a lot of Cub Cadets, here are a few pics. Saw some little Cub Cadets. a neat 128HC. O w/woods front mower. a small O w/belly Blade. and a blade on a very big one. and a rare sight for white demos, i believe...
  8. rkuik

    '74 108 Garden special, has anyone seen this before

    UPDATE: I finally tracked down a gentleman that not only was the owner of an IH dealer that sold Cub Cadet, was on the CC dealer advisory board. Yesterday I spoke with him and he said he probably not only set it up, but also sold my tractor to the original owner before the dealer I work for...
  9. rkuik

    Best Wife ever

    happy birthday and sounds like she is a keeper, just like mine.
  10. rkuik

    Pre paint prep

    and Cheap and Good ain't Fast
  11. rkuik

    Paint for a Original restoration.

    the iron guard paint from CIH is very good, whether a restore or just to touch up to keep and work. it may be a little more money, but worth it in the end. i painted my trailer i built w/it 20 years ago and very happy w/how it has lasted.
  12. rkuik

    mini Cub Cadet original

    not sure if this is where to post, but here goes. just got my 1/25th scale CC original, S/N 029 of 100. they made from a 3D printer. it is really neat. it does not have fenders on it, but it does have a creeper lever on it.
  13. rkuik

    RED Power Round UP, 2021 DuQuion IL, July 1, 2 &3

    just a little over 5 weeks away. we wont be down there w/any cub cadets, but we will be there. who else will be going? cant wait.. we have this and the next week is garden tractor daze in Portage WI.
  14. rkuik

    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    just a little over 6 weeks away! my son and i will be there w/4 IH CC, 2 others and a gilson mini bike. please stop by so we know who you are. will have a white enclosed single axle trailer and a blue GMC P/U. we will be there on friday and saturday. see you then. cant wait. (yes, we will...