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    Geothermal Heating and Cooling

    Duh, Did not pick up on the salt tank. My acid neutralizer looks exactly like your resin tank which I refill twice a year with crusted limestone. Also notice your industrial-sized cutoff panel... Thanks again for the photos. Always interesting how things are done in different parts of the...
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    Geothermal Heating and Cooling

    So is your domestic water acidic? Looks like you have an acid neutralizer next to your water filter. When I took my class, horizontal boring was a new concept. My trenches range from 7' on the first trench to four trench which varies between 6' to 4.5' in depth. Original design was to go...
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    Geothermal Heating and Cooling

    Hi Kraig, Just read the whole thread. Your installer did a good job. Guessing looking at your pictures, you have acidic water and reason to swap out the Marthon hot water tank. Looks like they treated your water while filling the ground loop. You say your electric bill went up... What...
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    More 2 bottom semi-mount plows

    Steve, That is one thing to build a one-of-kind but with your semi-production line running Looks like a slippery slope. Love your work, Bob G.
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    Veterans Day - Not just another day!

    Not sure how other vets reflect on this day but as a vet (USA76-79), I reflect for those service men who never got a chance to be a veterans... Thank you to ALL Americans
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    Super Fast Cub

    I was wondering were the mower deck was mounted? ;<) By the way here in the U.S., we normal just call bitumen 'Asphalt'. My dad ran an asphalt plant back in the 1980's and had to be certified by the state. The course was for "Bituminous Concrete".
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    Rear tires 23/10:50-12

    So true......
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    Lawns 2020

    Is that a 25 gallon tank? Are you going to rig up a spray bar? I have a 15 Gal tank and 1" square tubing but have not found time to fab this yet for my 782. Bob G.
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    Ross steering rebuild

    If you think about it, you want no play in the steering while going straight. If there is slop, you would wandering back and forth going down the road. Many years ago, drove an old Hough loader down the highway with worn out tie rod ends. It went in all directions but straight.
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    782D Driveshaft Upgrade

    Hi Steve, I guess the point is for 782D the plastic barrel coupler is not an issue with Kubota engine. By the way, a shout-out to all your great posts building replica IH implements. A grown mans Ertl Collection.
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    1811 Charge pump shaft repair

    Has anyone tack weld a wallowed spiral pin hole on pump shaft then redrilled it?
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    782D Driveshaft Upgrade

    Hi Matt, So how is your plastic barrel couplers holding up in your 782D cub? Thank you for putting the driveline upgrade idea in my head. My 782 #1 Cub currently working install power steering and need some more room.... https://www.onlycubcadets.net/forum/showthread.php?p=498963 using the...
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    A place for random photos,,,with no specific topic

    Hi Kraig, Can you recommend any Trail Cam's that are good value? Have been looking for one or two but so many make/models out there. Great photos by the way... Bob G.
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    QA-42 Snow Thrower

    all u-joint drive will have yokes in phase (same plane). Crawl under your pickup and look at your rear driveshaft. Bob G.
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    782d battery

    Thanks John for posting pictures of your great looking 782D.