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  1. RayF

    Cub Cadet 107 Motor?

    The 10HP Kohler has a compression release mechanism... you won't get any true compression until the rpms come up over 600 or so..
  2. RayF

    104 starter/generator problem

    most likely carbon buildup on the commutator, short brush, or weak brush spring. These are not hard to rebuild, replace brushes, bearings, etc... if you have even minimal mechanical skills. I believe the process is gone over in the shop manual.
  3. RayF

    Cub Cadet 3206

    most likely, you have a safety switch somewhere that is not allowing power to the coils. Seat switch, PTO switch, etc....
  4. RayF

    Ohio seat

    Found a couple pictures...
  5. RayF

    Ohio seat

    My grandparents bought a 1969 GS California in 1972 in Texas. IT had a 350, Column shift auto, and bench seat. It was the performance family sedan version. Basically, a dressed out Buick Custom. It was a coupe, and NOT a hardtop. Very RARE... but less desirable than the more performance offerings.
  6. RayF

    CC 149 Volt Meter

    Have you polarized the voltage regulator?
  7. RayF

    In the market for a good DA

    Brand: Hutchins, Sioux, IR, Chicago Pneumatic, Detroit, Size 6" I also prefer the type with the trigger on top the pad- rather than on a handle.. I bought this one as a "travel-bag" sander... for when I'm traveling to help a customer/friend on site. It's good quality, and comes with both style...
  8. RayF

    106 swamp resurrection. Of sorts

    it's very simple to make your own driveshaft/spring tool. I made mine out of some long bolts (didn't have threaded rod handy).. and a couple pieces of steel plate.
  9. RayF


    As was mentioned by Hydroharry... I am close by (Winston Salem) ... and would be happy to clean/inspect and rebuild your original carburetor (if necessary). They are VERY easy... even with minimum experience. I have a restoration shop in Kernersville, where I rebuild antique cars- specializing...
  10. RayF

    Zero turn - HELP!!

    I don't think duct-tape will help....
  11. RayF

    Parts For Sale Model 102/122 rolling chassis

    Interested in this chassis: I have a friend that lives very near you.. I've asked him to pick this up if it is still available.. PM me a phone number for contact..
  12. RayF

    All Things Deer

    Went up to my Dad's place in Waterford Pa... He reported seeing "deer" regularly in the back pasture. So, around dusk... I stood by the gate with my telephoto lens and saw these... 3-Bucks, 2-Doe, in different parts of the field. These pics are from 80-100 yards. The big one with symetrical...
  13. RayF

    SURE! Make me go out and wash my CC-108....

    PM me... what do you want to know? I had an entire writeup on the build.... but gave up my website a few years ago. I still have all the pages and images. I could upload to dropbox or similar, and let you download it.