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    Too soon too late! :(

    Welcome Brad!!! I am a Studebaker fan as well. I have a Restoration shop in NC, and I specialize in Studes.
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    My first yellow GT, rough 147

    IF you have an original carb, with original float- AND you are using regular unleaded gas...... you need to set the float (closed) height 1/64" LOWER than original spec. This is because the new fuels are not as DENSE as the old fuels these carbs were designed for. You need MORE modern fuel...
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    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    This little guy hit me in the helmet at 75MPH on the interstate (coming home from a VTX Tech-meet in Ohio) . After a few seconds... I saw these feathers floating up behind my fairing... so I looked down, and there was this gold finch. Unfortunately... he didn't make it.
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    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    My 1983 Yamaha XJ750K Maxim Touring... Purchased in 1987.... Current picture: (over 120K miles, 2nd motor, 2nd color change) and my X's (VTX1800R and VTX1300R)... 2002 VTX 1800R 2007 VTX 1300R
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    Found some pictures

    My son is a little over a year old in this pic... he's 26 now... Tractor now...
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    Clutch issue

    Making your own tools for these machines is often necessary....
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    Parts For Sale Dual use IH 3 point lift pin

    I built a whole hitch... 1000# linear actuator, I have a trailer ball that fits the hole on the original bracket.
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    New tires for 4x4, 1500 truck

    Another vote for the Firestone Destinations.... I have used them on all my Explorers (4) since 1999... Usually get about 60K per set. I rotate them with every oil change (5K).
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    Spray Guns

    Mix ratios depend on brand and type of paint... Google the paint manufacturer and type of paint.... and you should find the mix ratio.
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    1440 plastic hood and sides

    I had a '96 1430 with the plastic hood. It was an outdoor tractor - so was badly faded. I taped off the decals, removed the numbers (peeling/bad)... and watersanded it with 600G (on a DA), then handsanded with 1000G then finished with 1500. This was then buffed with a 9" wool pad and 3M #85...
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    Question: because I’m curious

    look like grease-relief slots.. pump grease in until you see it squeezes out the slots...
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    Greetings from central Pennsylvania!

    I've had this machine since 1996... in 2020, I did a "rebuild"... and then put her to work... The headlight panel is simply a piece of 20ga sheet metal with a couple large holes so the headlight housings fit flush. A couple screws and J-nuts for sheet metal... hold the housings just fine...
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    Greetings from central Pennsylvania!

    I made a new headlight panel- to replace the original behind the grille. That way, I wasn't ruining an original part. I then mounted (2) LED Motorcycle driving lights... To say they "light up the neighborhood" is somewhat of an understatement....
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    Cub 100 refurbish

    There's an annual show in Thomasville, called the T-Ville Vintage Power Days.... but I haven't seen an ad or FB post about the dates for 2022.
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    Bring it on...

    I have a pair of these LED headlights made for a motorcycle light bar. They are very bright and are "projector" type bulbs- so they really reach out there. I made a new headlight panel (my tractor originally did not have headlights) from some scrap 1/8" aluminum sheet, and just replaced the...