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    Cub cadet 102 snow plow help

    I think the "spring thingy" was fabbed up, to maintain constant down pressure an contact with the ground when blade is down , Myself, I would lose all the extras and go back to original cub parts.
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    Cub cadet 102 snow plow help

    Chalie, I think you are right. I would dismantle, set aside any part That doesn't look "factory", then try to look at the manual, to see what, if anything is missing, and where each part belongs on the tractor. The guy that made those parts either knew it wasn't the right blade for his tractor...
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    Finally another 127 upgrade

    I think if Mr Charlie doesn't know it, it don't need to be known about cubs.:drool2:
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    123 Help

    Not sure if I am in the neighborhood of being on the right track here,, But if the carb keeps running over after you have renewed the needle and seat and adjusted the float level, Then I would suspect a leaky float. take the float out, hold it up to your ear and shake it,, if there is a rattle...
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    New guy here. Bought a 129 this morning.

    Welcome Dan, Hope you enjoy your cub, but be careful, they tend to multiply !! :drool2:
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    123 Help

    Sean, All the advice you are getting here is great ! I would only add,,, Check The ground connections. a loose or dirty connection, specially the cable that connects to the engine block, can drive you bonkers ! I have solved several issues that way. Not sure that will solve anything,, but can't...
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    New guy here

    Be careful, once you get two cubs together, they tend to breed and multiply! :drool2:(y)
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    1650 Cub w/ K341 Engine (Bad Compression)

    I had a similar situation with a later model cub. I found the ground cable that bolted to the engine block was loose. even if it is tight, I would clean the connection. without a good clean ground, the electrical system can't work. I always try the easy inexpensive stuff first. Good Luck !
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    is that a shaft drive?
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    Wide Frame?

    Thanks Guys, That is All good information, it gives me some good ideas I really appreciate the help !
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    Wide Frame?

    I have been a cub owner for over 20 years. Now I own a lt2138 with 2 blade deck (i bought it new) and a 2544 . I am thinking I want to go to a wide frame,with hydro, hydraulic lift and steering and 3 blade 42" deck Two cylinder. Is there such an animal? and what size cub is it? I am not new...
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    1882 don't cut all of it ?

    even after we all gave our 2 cents worth on the 1882 leaving uncut grass,,, we still dont know what he did, to solve the problem!!!??? was it blades, slipping belt, ground speed, Engine rpm, or just plain Gosh Darn tough grass that refuses to be cut ??!!! I was hoping we would have a solution to...
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    1882 don't cut all of it ?

    Just my thoughts, (an Idea, Not necessarily a good one) and not meant to be argumentative. Tractors are meant to operate at the governed (maximum ) speed, so the engine is not lugged The governed speed is not nearly the maximum speed that an air cooled engine can run....And I believe the Air...
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    1882 don't cut all of it ?

    On the other hand.... putting wrong blades on, could just be the result of owning too many tractors with different size decks !!:D
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    1882 don't cut all of it ?

    Yeah, could easily be the wrong blades,,,, Mind you, I'm not admitting that I ever did that !!:sneaky: