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    782D-My latest and greatest

    Install Block Heater , plug in for 30 minutes , Start then Go!
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    Tractor Wanted ATTACHMENT .....59M shredder Wanted!

    WANTED : Cub Cadet 59 M Front Mounted Shredder from 1970's. Hooks into QA , drives from front PTO...Located WI ,will consider all in midwest.
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    Parts For Sale Brinly Moldboard Plow

    Brand New in Box, Sleeve Hitch, can text pics of box. $250 South Central Wisconsin....608-698-6676
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    Geezers! Garage!

    Paul W. Roessler
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    450 Two stage blower

    450 on my 1811/882 use long straps like your pic in holes 10" C to C apart. Previously it was on a Super.
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    450 Two stage blower

    Looks like a Model 364
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    54" Plow Bracket and Hydraulic Cylinder

    Take fittings to ag dealer, CaseIH, agco, etc., can make on site or another option newhydraulics.com or local hyd shop.
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    Considering purchasing a 451 snow thrower

    Add a little more air pressure in fronts , 200# weights on Cat.O 3 point A -Frame , 50# on each rear & WW fluid in rears. & + my 200#...
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    QA42A blower

    xtrememotorworks.com ....Aaron makes wings & drift hoods for your application....his link is above, I misspelled link on first ttry.
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    3point hitch issues

    Is there any visible external leaks? Seals in cylinder or o rings in control valve or Selector valve Is there a Check valve?
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    Plow, Disks, Deck,Snow Blower

    Weight/Battery Box ....Blue Lite Special with price drop to $50!!
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    1811 /50C ....PTO/off

    Key switch has acted up. had to jump across posts on solenoid to start once. Then next start, the key worked. Matt, what relay? I think key switch is first try...
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    1811 /50C ....PTO/off

    Mowing with 1811 one hour, mower /PTO shuts off itself three random times & will engage again immediately. Is it time for new PTO Switch?
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    Plow, Disks, Deck,Snow Blower

    Brinly Disks sold, 46GT deck sold. 5/24/2020 Plow & Battery/Weight box available