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    1864 Deck Questions

    I have a 54 on mine. The attachments show 44 thru 54. Remodel the gate, widen it.
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    IH vehicles

    Just think all those IH's were built right here in Ft Wayne, IN.
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    Any Sears fan lurking about?

    It all depends on what the 1st numbers of SN are.
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    Kohler SV600

    You are Welcome.
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    Kohler SV600

    That's a single cyl, which also a twin-cam engine.
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    Kohler SV600

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    .20 Kohler piston (original) .20 Rings and 10 under Rod (Kohler)

    I think you meant .030 piston. For a .30, good luck.
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    Please help-Montgomery Ward TMO-33814C

    what people are calling bearings are actually bronze oil-impregnated bushings. Om some they have a flat cut on the flange to keep them from spinning and will only go in the case one way.
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    Please help-Montgomery Ward TMO-33814C

    If it is peerless there should be a metal tag attached to one of the brake caliper bolts with the transaxle ID numbers.
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    electric CC riding mower?! when did that happen?

    Yes, that's the one. I have been trying to buy it for 25 yrs, but he will not come off it.
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    electric CC riding mower?! when did that happen?

    My Neighbor has a GE riding electric mower, he told me one time that it was 50 to 60 yrs old or older. It is a massive machine. it is built a lot stouter than the ones showing up in these post.
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    Greetings from new member

    Nice tractor and ditto on the stack. I would add a brace to the stack to keep from breaking out the exhaust port.
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    Goodyear tires

    Try Miller Tire.com 800-621-1955 X4. they may be able to help you.
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    Veterans Day - Not just another day!

    Thank you. USAF 62-68
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    Front wheel weights 8” for Cub Cadet 1450

    I had the same problem with turf tires when plowing snow with an angled blade. I switched to Firestone tri-ribs, that took care of the problem.