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    For Sale

    Digger, I see I posted in the wrong place. Feel free to move or the delete my post while I try to learn my way around Windows 10,a new computer and the Forum,
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    For Sale

    I just checked in to say as of now I'm still kicking but with more scans and test to take place this week.
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    Archive through June 14, 2018

    Kraig, You are correct on the car. Craig C, The retrofitted lights on 409 were done by Frank Majer, the engineer that bought 409 from IH. He was an electrical engineer at the test center, and the father of the indivual I bought it from
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    Archive through June 14, 2018

    Harry When I bought 409, it had been painted green to match the owners car. It was my understanding it was done by "friend's" of the owner while he was on vacation, and unknown by the owner.
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    Sheds and Shops

    Steve Remember, sheds, garage's and trailers are always too short/, doesn't make any difference what size they are......
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    Paul Bell

    Kraig Another 20 years? I'm willing but I don't think I have control of that........
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    Archive through January 02, 2018

    Happy New Year to all and I hope you all have at least as good a coming year, if not better, as you had last year.
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    Archive through April 28, 2017

    Marlin H. I have another 7HP head, but I will have to check it over to see if it is a useable one.
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    Archive through April 27, 2017

    Mike I have a couple of 7hp heads laying on my "neatly piled" shelves if you need one.
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    Archive through April 25, 2017

    Thanks Charlie.
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    Archive through April 15, 2017

    Marty, The clear plastic cap was used on the 100, 1x2/3,1x4/5 etc., but the decal in the cap was different depending on the model. The 100 decal was the IH. The 1x2/3, 1x4/5 used the "starburst" decal like you posted a picture of. The plastic cap it self was the same on all models that used...
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    Archive through April 15, 2017

    Bill James The first steering wheel decal was on the 100 and was an IH decal
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    Archive through April 12, 2017

    Earl, I was told the 2nd seat was for the grandchildren to ride on.......hopefully not when mowing.
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    Archive through April 12, 2017

    Marty, I'll figure that out once it is cleaned up and running.
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    Archive through April 12, 2017

    Marty This 100 had the optional wide wheels and tires, but one of the front ones was "air challenged", so the narrow one is one I had on the shelf and put on it to move it around.