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  1. PACub100

    Finally got the bug..

    I'm diggin' those push mowers - that's pretty cool to have. Personally, I like 3-rib tires in front, ags in back. I mean...if it's a garden tractor...why not, right? (y):cool:(y)
  2. PACub100

    I just can't help myself!

    That is pretty darn cool man (y) :cool:(y)
  3. PACub100

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    Yes, EZ-Pour. I remember when the local auto parts store first got them. The sign said "Not for dispensing petroleum products, for water can use only".
  4. PACub100

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    And here I thought they were in with my pulleys by mistake..."I was like, well lucky me - I know what these are for!" 😁 Thanks much for them (y)(y)
  5. PACub100

    Postal delivery problems

    To add, if you pay for expedited service and the package is incorrectly routed and it takes longer than the time frame allotted to the service you are paying for - good luck. UPS routed a letter that I NDA'd here in central PA and 3 days later it finally arrived. I contacted UPS about it and...
  6. PACub100

    44A Deck spindles

    Case hardening is taking a low to medium carbon steel and heat treating it in a high carbon atmosphere therefore infusing carbon and creating an "M&M shell" of a surface. Low carbon, low alloy steel (like a 1018 grade for example) that is case hardened is carbonitrided by adding ammonia to the...
  7. PACub100

    44A Deck spindles

    If I were to guestimate, mower blades would probably be made of a low alloy steel (I'm thinking 1040 - 1070 grade), water quenched / tempered to a mid HRC 30's - 40. Welding a bead on the knife edge would change the temper of the blade, but only within a short distance of the bead. To weld the...
  8. PACub100

    Corn sheller

    That is frickin' sweet!... (y) (y)
  9. PACub100

    What is this old tractor?

    Pretty cool little tractor there...
  10. PACub100

    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    I might have to get one of those magnetic heaters... Also, Kirk's transdenser should help too. I read comments on great cold weather starting. I'll find out this winter on the 1450... (y) (y)
  11. PACub100

    cub cadet 1200

    It should be September of 78...
  12. PACub100

    Model 122 question

    Advertisers crack me up.... 🤣 I remember, either it was a CaseIH or late IH add that had a group of "farmers" and their wives standing around the new tractor, headlining "After a hard day's work" and yet the tractor is spotless and everyone looks like they're modeling clothes for JCPenney. I...
  13. PACub100

    66 series clone 129

    That is sooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!! :drool::banana-guitar:(y)(y)