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    Gardens 2022

    David, I like your pole been setup. Got any pics of your supports? I planted a bunch of bush beans this year but the dang deer ate them down to the ground. My buddy had the same issue but he switched to pole type and doesn't have that problem.
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    Gardens 2022

    Planted potatoes the first week of March and they did pretty good this year. I got my first batch of corn in on April 10th. I use my ole Farmall 100 to lay the rows out. I plant "Bodacious" corn. I planted the 2nd batch about 1 week later. My corn only had maybe a 60-70% germination rate this...
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    PTO on CC model 3100

    Time to break out your meter. Here is a link to the electrical schematic. https://www.ccpartsnmore.com/cub-cadet-wiring-schematics
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    Motor opinions needed

    The FD620 is a great Kawi 2 cylinder motor but they didn't change over to the steel cam gear until the mid to late 90's IIRC. I believe all 2086's were built with the plastic gear. I would ask the owner if the original plastic cam gear has been replaced with the steel gear. Lots of good vid's...
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    Parts Wanted Cub cadet 882

    Probably any good auto parts store. For the hood parts, RF Houtz at the top of the page.
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    Parts Wanted Cub cadet 882

    Gates belts are: Fan = 6727 https://www.amazon.com/Gates-6727-PoweRated-Section-Circumference/dp/B000CRDLPM Water pump = 7320 https://www.amazon.com/Gates-7320-V-Belt/dp/B000C2WJ46 Filters these are Wix numbers Air = 46270 Fuel = 33389 Pre Fuel = 33972 Oil = 51064 Hydro = 51410 Hood hinges =...
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    1862 and Haban deck

    I'm pretty sure the Haban decks will not fit under a GT.
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    2072 Driveline question

    Okay, this is the 2072 I was working on last winter and I'm trying to find time to work on it but I never have time anymore. I pulled the rear, did the drain holes and added rear braces. I bolted everything back up and all is good. I pulled the motor to replace the front & rear oil seals...
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    Greetings Mark, I'm in north Georgia. Not too many Cub guys down here and even less Cub Cadets. Keep the aluminum tranny and add the braces. I make those for all my machines now. I use PPG paint too and I vote for going original. My PPG guy said the white paint code was not valid. Let me know...
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    Cub Cadet 1863 Kohler 18HP Engine Overheating with white smoke

    I don't think they will have the gasket but just search for Kohler part #24-841-01-S
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    Cub Cadet 1863 Kohler 18HP Engine Overheating with white smoke

    That engine is a Kohler Command and looks to have a blown head gasket. I would pull the engine out, remove the tins and make sure there is nothing restricting the airflow across it. Tractor Supply Company (and a bunch of other vendors) sell a maintenance kit that is made by Kohler with all the...
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    374 Haban deck rebuild X 2

    Does anyone know where to get this ANSI decal? I redid a 374 years ago but could never find this decal and local shops here are a PIA to deal with. Is that a shielded bearing?
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    Brinly planter info needed

    That's a nice looking rig Mike!
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    Bagging issues

    You need a fan assisted bagger but they quit making them with the 3000 series.
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    Hey Ya'll from Raleigh, North Carolina

    ....and your car will rust out in 4 years:errrr: