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  1. mgonitzke

    1977, 1650 project

    That color looks very close to what David posted in his pics. That is the MTD part number for 935 white, so it should be correct. Your hood is VERY faded. Look at the condition of the decals.
  2. mgonitzke

    1977, 1650 project

    82 series axle casting is the same, too.
  3. mgonitzke

    149 Tiller installation

    2B has a 5/8" pulley for the 82 series tractors. Would fit if the pulley was swapped, but would probably be easier to find one that already has the correct pulley.
  4. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 122 Headlights and housing

    They were black. This is one of numerous examples of sales literature not matching reality.
  5. mgonitzke

    CC 149 Volt Meter

    There is no need to do this. It does this by itself every time you start the tractor.
  6. mgonitzke

    CC 149 Volt Meter

    Unless someone has modified the wiring on your tractor, it has an ammeter, not a voltmeter. Quick test for the starter/generator: Temporarily ground the "F" terminal on the starter/generator with the engine running. This should peg the ammeter to the charge side, and voltage across the battery...
  7. mgonitzke

    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    A friend of mine has this one, and I was very impressed with the image quality. The side camera would probably be able to see enough of the bore to confirm whether or not it has been run.
  8. mgonitzke

    Cub Cadet 86

    Not sure why...86 is a wide frame. K321 from a 149 would bolt right in.
  9. mgonitzke

    Installing Magnum 18hp Kohler in 682 Cadet

    My hardware store had these nice 3/4" OD x 3/8" ID x 0.5" tall spacers that were less than $2 each. The driveline will likely not notice the extra 0.031" of height.
  10. mgonitzke

    Installing Magnum 18hp Kohler in 682 Cadet

    Without the mounting plate, there is nothing to mount the engine to. There are also some 1/2" long spacers between the engine and plate on the mounting bolts.
  11. mgonitzke

    Carrier Bearings/782

    There should be a number etched on the bearing and race. With those numbers, Google or a good bearing supplier will lead you to a replacement.
  12. mgonitzke

    Mower deck swap

    He's using the mule drive and carriage from his 44C, so that does not pertain to his situation.
  13. mgonitzke

    Mower deck swap

    You will have to drill the extra hole for the front hanger. Use the 44C mule drive, carriage, deck pulley, and PTO belt.
  14. mgonitzke

    HDS 2185 - PTO Clutch Stop Stud

    One stud only. What are you using for belts? OEM or aftermarket? Is the belt also aligning properly with the drive pulley on the deck?