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    1864 issues

    Yes, the steering cylinder is probably bad. The hydro lever has a nut with friction washers on one side or the other under the side panel. Tighten that up a bit to keep the lever from wandering.
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    Motor swap

    You will need a wiring harness from a 1000/1200 to make that work. The charging system on the tractor the engine came from is totally different than the one you are putting it into.
  3. mgonitzke

    CC 1450 S/N 205066OU604956 return to operation

    More like converts ~28V AC to ~14V DC. 12V DC output would not be enough to charge the battery.
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    The 1872/2072 are more or less mechanically identical to the earlier 982 with the exception of engine and power steering. They get lumped into "82 series" because they are the same body style, and the parts are interchangeable.
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    Paint samples.

    I thought it matched pretty good, but I suppose it can vary a bit from time to time. Some of this has been repainted with Rustoleum Almond, and some is original...
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    2072 Driveline question

    Without that pin, the coupling will be able to slide on the input shaft as the frame flexes, which will wear the coupling and input shaft.
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    Parts Wanted ISO main jets

    I think I have one of those jets I removed from a nearly unused but broken carb, but I haven't been able to find it yet.
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    1864 progress

    The range is in the service manual, which is a free download from Kohler's website. IIRC around 0.009" is towards the minimum end of the range, and is a common thickness for rolled aluminum roof flashing, so I use a piece of that to gap my ignition modules. Gap them at the low end of the...
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    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    One should consider it a lubricant in the context of torquing fasteners, though.
  10. mgonitzke

    1864 progress

    I would pull the engine, remove the flywheel, clean everything good, and replace the flywheel end crank seal. If it hasn't gone bad yet, it will soon.
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    Sparkplug Blowing Out of the Hole

    Save yourself 15 minutes and skip to 13:45 in the video... Basically any of the thread insert repairs will be as strong or stronger than the original threads.
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    Cub Cadet 147 Refurb/Mod

    This, and also make sure the corners of the notches have a radius and are not a sharp square corner.
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    Is the hydro and axle different in a Super Cub Cadet?

    The hydro unit output shaft and driven reduction gear are different to compensate for the larger tires on the Supers.
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    Cub Cadet 147 Refurb/Mod

    You missed a great opportunity to use trailer hubs and upgrade to tapered roller bearings. I can't believe you went to all that trouble only to use the same 3/4" wheel bearings as the original wheels.
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    1650 carburetor throttle and choke kit part #

    I found them at Menards. I think my local ACE has them as well.