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    Blade or thrower?

    Caleb and i have both,This year fitting up a tractor apiece with Thrower and blade, key points on throwers is keeping things mechanically in good repair and also clean, most of the good points have been covered , graphite in the chute area and clean paint work wonders as far as snow clogging up...
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    Kohler Mag 18 - 1872 Tractor

    problem i have had before is a bad float or needle and seat the float can look like its just fine, but over years of use, it can have such a small leak or crack that you never see it, one way i have found to see if the float is taking on fuel is to remove it from the carb, dry it off quickly...
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    Avator Test

    Well this is different Looks a little bit like the green side
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    Archive through September 17, 2019

    nice parts Tom.But.... You posted em in the wrong section I'm sure Digger will be along soon to help you out....
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    Archive through August 23, 2019

    Oh Ya THE 1026 Demonstrator, My Dad worked for a small dealer ship in Richland Ia, in the late 60s early 70s, We went to Rock Island and picked one up and brought it back on the back of a single axle IH Truck, Never forget seeing the color for the first time,and ended up being over weight on...
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Timothy D, If you take an IH wheel, take the tire off,reverse the tread,and put it back on the tractor, the valve stem would be on the inside, so I say, yes they did.....!!! >>
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    Archive through July 26, 2019

    When i do tire work at home, I mix up some dish soap and water in a spray bottle and apply it generously around the bead ,it lubes up the tire and bead And I also have a small set of tire irons to work things with, you can get them at any farm store, large screw drivers work, but i have tried...
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    Archive through July 05, 2019

    David R..... Double check that your “Bent” axle isn’t the toe in for tire wear, I thought that once on my pontoon trailer. I messed with it and tried to adjust it, i burned up a set of tires and blew one out, lessoned learned
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    Archive through June 15, 2019

    Whoa Digger, that's a lot of Cub there, think you can handle it... Caleb has one that he got from Shultzie awhile back,only its a red 9, he swapped the injured motor for a V twinner, and its his main plow machine, its a brute....love it!!!
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    Archive through May 30, 2019

    Woooops......I’m gonna be in for it. Yes.... spiral pin, not a bolt...!! Thanks Harry for the correct clairification I replace mine with bolts..... as to make for a quick fix to get back to plowin or sweepin the yard..... Hydro doesn’t worry me as much as Matt takin me out behind the wood shed
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    Archive through May 30, 2019

    Well Pete, Im thinkin you sheared the bolt in the rear coupler, You where able the limp it back to garage by pushing the clutch and that bound up the drive line enough to make it move The bolt sheared. It’s all still stuck in there
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    Finally doing a 100!

    Nice work Mr. Gwin....Lookin good....!!!!
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    Archive through May 20, 2019

    One thing I use.. no....actually two things I use for noise dampening on my cubs , ear plugs Can't run mine with out them...
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    Archive through May 11, 2019

    Ben Fuel line and filter if its old can cause problems. Inside the hose could be collapsing and starving the motor. Also junk in the tank could be gathered around the screen and intake of the valve Always go through your whole system when trying to diagnosing a problem
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    Archive through March 19, 2019

    Kraig, Think I remember seeing a Juan Dear sweat shirt at a Blunier plow day years ago.....