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  1. kshultz

    Fuel Transfer Pump

    Does anyone know of a good fuel transfer pump that is battery operated? I've been using ones like this one for the last three years and they are complete junk. This is the third one that quit working. They only last about 4 weeks. I love the small compact design, but they are junk!!!! They use 2...
  2. kshultz

    Looking for the double pulley for Original timed deck.

    Hey, I thought I had one but I was mistaken. Good luck on your search.
  3. kshultz

    Looking for the double pulley for Original timed deck.

    Which item number are you looking for?
  4. kshultz

    1962 horse

    Wow, this has turned into an interesting thread. I vote on changing the rule. I think it would benifit all of us in the long run. :drool2:
  5. kshultz

    1962 horse

    You know, I've always wondered why it's against the rules to ask advice on what something might be worth. I know it all depends on where you are located to what the value of something might be. :unsure:
  6. kshultz

    Belt for Tiller

    Nevermind. I just ordered one off of Charlie. Charlie - Make sure I ordered the correct one. Thanks! (y):errrr:
  7. kshultz

    Belt for Tiller

    Looking for a decent drive belt for my tiller. I was finishing up last night and noticed my belt has seen better days and probably won't last much longer. Anyone have a decent used one? Thanks.
  8. kshultz

    IH Fire Extinguisher

    $40.00 plus shipping or pick up in Kendallville, In.
  9. kshultz

    Transfer pump for fuel

    I've used these type of transfer pumps for gassing up my Cub Cadets and other toys. This is battery operated and for the first few months work great. Unfortunately I've had two of them now and they both end up being junk. I really like the small and simple design but does anyone know of a more...
  10. kshultz

    Who makes the Best Push mower (Commercial)

    I bought this last year to do steep banks down near the road. I love it! All wheel drive works great. I wish I had this when I was a kid. :errrr:
  11. kshultz

    Aluminum Rims 26X12X12

    The rims and tires are sold. Thanks.
  12. kshultz

    Aluminum Rims 26X12X12

    Selling my aluminum rims. Turf tires are 26"X12"X12" $100 for the set. You pay shipping or pick up near Kendallville, In. (73 NOT FOR SALE)
  13. kshultz

    I am looking for something.......

    Turf tires with chains. I doubt if duels are going to help.
  14. kshultz

    I am looking for something.......

    I would rather have a gear drive for pushing snow and a Hydro for a snow thrower.
  15. kshultz

    Geezers! Garage!

    I guess I'm confused. I've always had access to it and now I don't. Can you please put me back on? Thanks.