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    Cub Cadet Model 128

    Your tractor is looking good. Keep up the good work on it.
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    Cub Cadet Model 128

    Welcome to the forum. It is great looking tractor you have. Keep us posted during the refurb of it. I would suspect there are many here who started a life long fascination with these little tractors. I too used my dad's Bolens to mow some yards back then. I spent many hours on that tractor. Glad...
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    Cub Cadet 3240

    Who built this tractor? I grew up on IH tractors and recall the days in the 60s when the small town dealers usually had a new Cub Cadet in the shop to sell. I had read IH sold off some parts of the company and that was one of them. Who builds the Cubs of today?
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    Cub Cadet 3240

    Just curious, if I were to pursue getting this tractor is there a place to determine what the production numbers were for this model? In no way do I think it will be a valuable tractor but more just a point of interest in getting a one year model.
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    New to the forum

    Yes they are. Cub made so many different model and types, there is surely one that fits every person. I have a penchant for the garden tractors from the 60s through the 80s. Truly fascinating machines to me. Please feel free to jump in with questions or comments. I am terrible at taking pics but...
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    International Harvester 1968 Cub Cadet. Vintage Model 60, Looking for a great home who will appreciate this great looking and garage kept tractor.

    It's a great looking mower. I hope you will find someone who will use it and preserve it. Good luck on your sale.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome sir. This is a good forum to learn about many things in the Cub Cadet world.
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    Cub Cadet 3240

    Nice looking tractor. Like everyone, Over my years I have owned a few limited year production vehicles a time or two. I sold my last one (Moto Guzzi) a few years ago. I happened across this tractor while visiting my sister and they have had trouble with it. Most of the problems have been due to...
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    Cub Cadet 3240

    Relatively new guy here looking for information on the mower shown above. I ran across one recently that I think can be had for a song. It belongs to a family member and has suffered a fair number of years of neglect but is complete. Not so much abuse as just the use it as long as it runs...
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    More 2 bottom semi-mount plows

    Wow. Those are the best two bottom mounted plows I have seen for a garden tractor. How long is the line to get one made? :greenthumb:
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    516 has been found Again!

    I had no idea. I really appreciate the reply. I will have to look much more carefully at the SNs from now on. Great catch you made and thanks for doing your part to preserve a bit of history.
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    Two more headache

    Nice find. Keep us posted on what you do to them. Like many others, I like to see the old in brought back to life. Good catch on getting the pair of them.
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    Sub-Compact Tractor with Loader

    I have had a subcompact tractor for years and for a small farm or most homesteads, they cannot be beat. Handy as can be. I have the BH on mine along with a FEL and you will be surprised how well it works.
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    516 has been found Again!

    New guy here and curious. What is the significance of that particular tractor? There has to be an interesting back story on it for you to post it on here.
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    New guy here. Bought a 129 this morning.

    It's a strange bunch that can find the beauty in an old tractor but I guess we must all be a part of that. 😁 Random thought here as I peruse the forum before starting my workday.