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  1. Kittermankadets85

    Up graded mower

    Aquired this gen from my father in law. Hope I have some luck out of newer model
  2. Kittermankadets85

    3 for 1 money

    Lol sorry
  3. Kittermankadets85

    3 for 1 money

    I’m cleaning house might even throw in a 125 and deck if it helps.
  4. Kittermankadets85

    3 for 1 money

    I’m selling my 782 1811 and 682. The 782 is really clean and original everything works currently has 50” deck on it. Has Original kt-17 Kohler twin The 1811 is also very clean and original starts and runs good no deck on it at the moment but I have mule drive and 44” deck that goes with. Has...
  5. Kittermankadets85

    Tonights purchase

    Pretty sure it’s an 1811 Being that it has hydraulic lift an 1812 would have a manual lift
  6. Kittermankadets85

    M-18 in 1872 worth repairing??

    The m18 is ( in my opinion) one of the best opposed twins you can have I would definitely go with a rebuild as long as the rod is the only damage
  7. Kittermankadets85

    Worth fixing up?

    I dig it! Looks cool
  8. Kittermankadets85

    Worth fixing up?

    The fuel system probably just needs a good cleaning unsure on the forum for Deere’s
  9. Kittermankadets85

    682 for $0.00

    I’ve decided the ohc motor is not getting put back together nor is it going in the 682 this motor is way ahead of its time and was not maintained over the years . So in search of a kt17 or m18 if anyone has one laying around preferably not to far from southern Indiana .
  10. Kittermankadets85

    682 for $0.00

    I’ve been real lucky about being in the right place at the right time to have things given to me lol
  11. Kittermankadets85

    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    It’s definitely a round fender tractor square fenders fit over the taller frame and that one is shorter. I’d say it’s a 71 that’s had a bigger engine put in it .
  12. Kittermankadets85

    Worth fixing up?

    Definitely worth fixing up. 317 are super nice garden tractors even though they ar green lol and looks like you got a hell oh a deal on it as well. Good job
  13. Kittermankadets85

    682 for $0.00

    An old friend contacted me yesterday an told he had a present for me.... boy was he right! It has a repower Kohler Th18 ohc witch is just an awful engine from what I’ve read but it dropped a valve anyway so it’s gonna be gone.
  14. Kittermankadets85

    Sickle bar mower ?

    That a Haban sickle mower definitely not a cob job they are pretty rare I have the same sickle mower you should by it would make a nice addition to the collection lol