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  1. J

    Super cub 1872 for sale

    Oh I don’t know hadn’t really thought of a price, i have a qa42 snowthower, a 42” and 48” deck for it. What do you think a price would be?
  2. J

    Super cub 1872 for sale

    Sorry deck is going to stay with the tractor.
  3. J

    Super cub 1872 for sale

    I thinking of selling my 1872 super cub, it has around 1500 hrs on the tractor, th engine is unknown hours since the original blew and I replaced it( not from me I bought it that way), it has 60” haben deck, and a 3 point with pto shield but no pto. Everything runs as it should deck is solid...
  4. J

    need help with 450 snowthrower

    If you have a super gt this will stop the bend! Move the lift point.
  5. J

    New member from New York

    Sorry these took so long I thought I had posted these but it never showed up. Here’s the pics of the cylinder mount
  6. J

    1782 diesel

    I think what he means is it’s more expensive to buy the parts then A whole engine. Most 20hp size small engines are 3000hr motors expect problems after that. Yes there are exceptions but overall in the commercial lawn game 3k is when you look at replacement even the diesel. On the fuel side...
  7. J

    Pull behind lawn sweeper

    They are sweepers that pack the clippings in so you pick up a lot more then just tossing it in a catch bag. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to bale it but you’d need a lot of twine to wrap it since clipping are short. But it does mulch down well being packed.
  8. J

    Pull behind lawn sweeper

    Good to know I’m not the only one with one of these!
  9. J

    Help with Cub Cadet mower deck

    A picture of the mule drive would be great and also the belt wrapper that your new belt came in so I know what the length is. Some times wrapper has the belt # as well as the length, ie tractor supply belts
  10. J

    Help with Cub Cadet mower deck

    Belts are the same length within reason between mfg, but did you buy an a89 or an 89in (a) belt there is a difference. Also if your mule drive is sloppy and your deck mounts are sloppy (and they are! Because it’s 40years old) you may need to drop a size ie a88 which is not an 88in belt google...
  11. J

    Another day in the Jeep.....

    Yep your missing a drive shaft, cub dealers could still get them for about $100. Make sure you use a spiral pin on the engine side!
  12. J

    Sickle bar mower ?

    I saw the Same post and am trying to buy it but his pic in the add clearly show it’s a haben. Not sure why your asking about it when he shows model and serial