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    Driveshaft wont stop turning IH Cub Cadet 1200.

    Engine off, clutch depressed and locked,...will the drive shaft rotate freely? Sometimes the plates/clutch disc gets moisture in it and sticks, tap disc to make sure it is loose
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    Kohler experts

    The first Kohler in old CC acted the same for me. Turned out to be the governor shaft, ie, the paddle (lack for proper nomenclature?) rivet was loose.
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    Notes about this new software. Please read.

    I wish I had one like this for my CC
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    Using a SGT frame for shorter frame components

    I have SGT frame/parts and want to put a 3 speed gear drive setup. Longer WB for easier on/off, not as agile (age, and knee replacements) as I was back when I acquired all this CC stuff and I will not go with anything else as long as I can get parts. Q 1. The main contributor is a 1282, 1200...
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    Brinly Cultivator

    Brinly Cultivator, cat 0, $200. Local pickup only, email in profile. 65109
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    Brinly Plow

    Brinly 1200 Cat 0 plow, $250. Email in profile. Local pickup only, 65109.
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    Avator Test

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    A 2082 followed me

    Kraig, Thanks for posting those photos for me! Yes, it is a belly blade from a different honey hole, and with a minor change it will be going on my 1200.
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    A 2082 followed me

    Steve, I went to your thread and that is what I want to do, except using a 1282 Kohler. What problem(s) did you encounter using the 682 tin? I have the complete tin available, as with the tower, steering, etc., mainly interested in a longer operator space to contend with my prosperous years...
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    A 2082 followed me

    I'll try pic's today as I will be starting to scrap the plastic covers. It's screwed together so much I can't get my arms down in it (like todays cars)to work or check anything. My sight is straight line and no longer can see thru anything. I tried the other day but was shoot'n blanks...