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    Devils night

    Congrats Stevenovick1 ! Maybe your arrow passed right through.
  2. J

    Home build aerator

    Dave nice job on the aerator. Interesting cemetery layout. Will you plant grass where you are aerating ? From the photo it appears that there is minimal grass all around.
  3. J

    IH chipper

    Robert I was thinking of putting together a composter. I was wondering how long the pallet will last ? A couple of seasons ?
  4. J

    Snagged this yesterday on a whim

    dschwandt Enjoyed that read ! Glad you found your problem.
  5. J

    Info on how a carburetor works

    Really enjoyed that. Up till now the carb was a black box to me.
  6. J


    I watch a lot of war footage, and seeing those troops on D-day land, and advance under incredible withering fire is heart breaking. So many men gave so much on that day. Something that can never be forgotten.
  7. J

    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Beltrack I think your thinking about a needle scaler. I recently bought an inexpensive one. Mine is air powered. Got to be careful as I understand they are used more on tough metal like car frames. Great for knocking off rust. Not that we have much rust in Maine.
  8. J

    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Enjoyed the video very much. Likes it and subscribed !
  9. J

    14hs 321a is to tight

    Robert glad to read you have it running . So somebody put in the wrong size rod so the crank would not rotate when the rod was torqued ?
  10. J

    1282 engine problems

    I enjoyed reading post by post of you guys walking Todd though this. Very commendable. I'm learning things myself !
  11. J

    Texas State totally shut down

    Regardless of the politics we up north know what it's like to be without heat so I feel for those people down there and wish them the best.
  12. J

    Geothermal Heating and Cooling

    Kraig just finished reading the entire post. It's very interesting. I wonder if geothermal is only for hot air heating systems as I have an oil fired boiler for hot water baseboard ?
  13. J

    All Things Deer

    Congratulations kshultz. It looks like Indiana has some fine whitetails !
  14. J

    SB 9A followed me home

    Wouldn't know the first thing about operating a lathe, however I can appreciate what you have done to restore that machine. Great refurbish !
  15. J

    Engine Oil and spark plug type?

    dkirk I wonder is it too late after running "regular" motor oil for years to suddenly switch over to a synthetic. Would I start to see the synthetic getting by the rings or is it just something I need to try and just see what happens on a particular engine ?