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    Where in North America is Jim, and what Cub Cadet items has he found there?

    Greeting to all from South of Columbus, OH. I haven't found much Cub Cadet stuff listed here, but there is a 450/451 snowblower for $350 that claims to be hard to find in its ad. Also, this customer turns out to be the home of the F-bomb...Stay tuned while I change internet devices.
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    Question about Kohler k181 engine

    Glad to hear it runs! Good job.
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    I vote YES if you’ll post video!
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    New to cub cadet

    FrankenCub. From his other thread on this: I recently bought this cub cadet. I was told it was a 104. But with the fenders it should be a 106? I have no idea what it is. Can you put 106 fenders on a 104? Any help would be appreciated Attachments 20211024_115431.jpg 161.3 KBViews: 48...
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    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    Start with the usual suspects at the top of the page, our sponsors. Cub Cadet Specialties for new items, R.F. Houtz for used items, Xtreme Motorworks for hitch, and implement items, Kirk Engines for optimizing items, and Cadet Connection for stories and photos.
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    New to cub cadet

    Sorry, number 2) should be scroll down to, not click on technical forums.
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    New to cub cadet

    Scott, Here is the procedure to access a wealth of information: 1) Click on the Forums tab. 2) click on Technical Forums: 3) Click on IH Cub Cadet Forums: 4) The first six threads are "stickies" and stay at the top of the list regardless of any recent activity. Other threads will have...
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    New to cub needs help

    FrankenCub. They are actually fairly common. A guy uses pieces from his favorite models, or just whatever he has left in fair condition, and slaps a tractor together. No worries, though. You liked it enough to bring it home, and every piece of it was made to last.
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    New to cub cadet

    Welcome to the addiction, Scott. There is a ton of info here in the reference materials, and even more in the centuries of experience with these tractors that the members share collectively. I’ll start by asking what model do you have? Do you know? We love photos. They load nicely with the...
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    Where in North America is Jim, and what Cub Cadet items has he found there?

    I just drove past the high school where I sent my sons. There is a house on the way that I love. The guy's truck sits under a carport that he built a few years back, when I was driving that route more often. He built the carport because his IH Cub Cadet occupied the actual garage (one car).
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    IH vehicles

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing John. Safe travels.
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Jengle wins! Love it!
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    New to the forum from aztec nm

    Welcome Aaron! You are just teasing us with one photo of that. It looks to have some custom work on the front, and the rear. Please share more photos and details. What do you want to use it for? Will it be a working tractor, a refurboration, a mower, a dozer, a multi-purpose machine?
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    Where in North America is Jim, and what Cub Cadet items has he found there?

    I made it home Wednesday for Thanksgiving after my first flight was canceled. What a madhouse the airports were! I usually take the first flight out, to get a jump on things, and miss much of the volume of people, but with the cancellation, I left at noon, and got home at 5 PM among the many...