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    Re-attach brake pedal return spring on 1811

    Looking for suggestions on how to re-attach brake pedal return spring on 1811. Spring is very compressed and strong.
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    Need to swap Hydro Tran in 1811, S# 149660100

    I need to swap the Hydro Trans in my 1811, serial # 149660100, The data tag on the Transmission that I want to install is: 547628R91, 90-1029 and 02LA2225. Any problem on making the swap?
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    Model 1650 Kohler won't crank after sitting for any length of time

    Model 1650, single cylinder Kohler engine. If this mower sits for any length of time it does not want to crank. I remove air cleaner spray starter fluid, starts up and once run does not have a problem re-cranking. Any suggestions? I use only non ethenol fuel and Sea Foam.
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    I need to install a hydro transmission in my 1811.The info from the data tag is as follows, 547628R91,90-1029 and 02-LA 225. will this transmission interchange?
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    Starter for M-18 Kohler Engine

    How to identify the starter for a M-18 Kohler engine? Is there any numbers stamped on the starter housing? Thanks Jdtaylor
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    1811 Spindles not turning

    Cub Cadet 1811. Pulling my DR Leaf Vacuum and collecting leaves. The spindles on the 1811 are not turning. I checked the deck belt... it is OK. Would the problem be from not having enough tension on the PTO belt? Thanks, JDTaylor
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    Installing Magnum 18hp Kohler in 682 Cadet

    I am installing a Magnum 18hp Kohler in my 682 Cadet. Is it necessary that the mounting plate which is the same for the KT17 Kohler be used for the 18hp? If the mounting plate is not used, could there be a clearance or alignment problem?
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    PTO Switch on Cub Cadet 1811

    I am having trouble with PTO switch not wanting to stay engaged on my 1811. Is this a clutch adjustment issue?
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    Cub Cadet 682 w/Kohler Magnum 18

    Have installed Kohler Magnum 18 in my 682 Cadet. Installed a used clutch, only one wire to connect. When the engine starts, clutch is engaged. What have I not done correctly to be able to start w/o clutch being engaged? Thanks for the advice.
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    Roll pin problem on Model 1811

    Roll pin problem on Model 1811. The roll pin (1/4 x 1 1/2) that fits in the coupling (cast) on the output shaft of the Hydro wants to fall out after running for a short period of time. I have had the problem before, replaced roll pin with the correct size (1/4 x 1/1/2) and it has lasted for over...
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    # 1A Cub Cadet Tiller Pulley

    Has anyone had experience on installing the vee belt that runs from the gear box to the large pulley on a # 1A Cub Cadet Tiller? I have the correct length belt. I did this six months ago but needed to work on the rear end of my cadet with the hitch on it. There is a simple fix but I cannot...
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    Model 1811 Pulling Roller, Just Stopped Pulling

    Model 1811. While pulling a water filled roller, the tractor stopped pulling. Transmission oil level is OK and no lose of oil. Both roll pins are in place on the driveshaft. What could cause this problem? Would the two valves in top of the transmission have anything to do with this...
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    Ported Hydro Transmission

    I have a Ported Hydro Transmission, info on tag 90-1226 CCW 05-84-12-18578. Not sure what model it was in. Is there any reason why this transmission cannot be installed in a Model 682? Thanks, JDTaylor
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    Replacing belt from gear box to large pulley on #1 CC Tiller

    Help on replacing belt from gear box to large pulley on #1 IH CC tiller. What is necessary in order to make adjustment to allow putting this on? Tiller mounts to 1650 cadet. I see nothing to allow any movement other than what is stated on depth adjustment in #1 owner's manual.
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    How to install long belt part #487045RZ

    What is the best way to install the long belt part # 487045RZ from the PTO pulley to the rear gear box on a Model 1650 with a #1A tiller? I have taken all the adjustment on the front tension pulley and still cannot get belt to catch on gear box pulley!