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  1. Jay Fetters

    I need help

    You and I both need help apparently. I just picked up an old hit and miss that doesn't run. My wife asked me what I was gonna do with it, my reply to that should be obvious, fix it, then crack a beer and smile as she runs! Nice engine you found, she sounds amazing.
  2. Jay Fetters

    Hi from Idaho.

    Welcome aboard! The 1650 is my favorite machine. I found mine with a tiller, blower, and 44" deck. If you ever decide to part with that sickle bar, it will go quick around here!
  3. Jay Fetters

    Parts For Sale New Seat for Ultima ZT2 54

    That appears to be the same seat as on my xt2's, they are VERY comfy! Might have to get one for my lo-boy 185 now that I'm thinking about it!
  4. Jay Fetters

    Sealed bearings on a mower hub?

    We have three cub pro-z 500 s models at work. All 3 have sealed bearings on the decks and all 3 have over 200 hours with one over 400 hours. I have yet to replace a belt or spindle. There is a night and day difference between cubs commercial products and their residential products.
  5. Jay Fetters

    New member question

    He was looking for a gear shift nob.
  6. Jay Fetters

    New member question

    Welcome, and if you don't care about the tractor being 100% factory correct, you could always turn one on a lathe. I made mine out of some oak scraps I had laying around. My machine, being a hydro, needed three made. But they are very easy to turn, and would make a great first project if you...
  7. Jay Fetters

    Thought I might share a new Pup picture

    I haven't gotten a raspberry yet because colt and ruger head straight to the bushes as soon as I open the door to let them out! Crazy pups... 🤪 But I guess that's why we love em!
  8. Jay Fetters

    Iron Gard Questions

    Have any of you guys ever put pearl or metal flake in? I'm wondering how it would look. My 1650 is do for a spray and I really want the pearl in the white. My bride thinks I should flake the yellow as well, but I think that may be too much, maybe the frame and rear fenders, but would be a waste...
  9. Jay Fetters

    Info on how a carburetor works

    That is amazing! I've been working on engines for 30 years, and to actually see the atomization is something pretty cool!
  10. Jay Fetters


    Welcome aboard and nice work! Quite lines are the best lines!
  11. Jay Fetters

    Cub hour meter & lights.

    I assumed the same thing when I got my 1650, until someone on here straightened me out as well. Most guys on here are absolute fountains of cub information. Keep up the good work, that tractor is definitely worthy of some lovin!
  12. Jay Fetters

    Thought I might share a new Pup picture

    I love these puppies photos. They are getting big since this thread started. Here is another of ruger at 5 months now. And 1 of colt and ruger out fishing with me.
  13. Jay Fetters

    Cub hour meter & lights.

    Nice work! The short white hand only indicates it is functioning, it does not indicate a time value.
  14. Jay Fetters

    I have just been given a Cadet 85

    Welcome! Please post some pics of that old girl. It always makes me wonder the story of equipment that wanders so far from home, especially during an era that wasn't so reliant on global importing and exporting. I wonder how many more cubs are wandering around the French countryside?
  15. Jay Fetters

    Let's go fishing!!!

    There is nothing more special to my bride and I than a day on the water. Last night she said let's go fishing, so naturally, I obliged! Colt and Ruger are turning into natural fishing partners as well. If they only had thumbs, they would be holding rods as well!