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    Well I love her again, 1450.

    David - not all the 1450s have the ball coupler. Daniel will have to watch closely as he disassembles. Your method may still work.
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    Well I love her again, 1450.

    Ooh, and make sure you remove that extra bolt you installed so part 7 can rotate independent of part 3. If you leave it your deck will not float up over obstacles, and your snow/dozer blade will ride at a fixed height. You can try it if you like but you risk damage to the deck, or injury to...
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    Well I love her again, 1450.

    Well, to replace the fan you'll have to remove the driveshaft and to remove the driveshaft you have to unbolt the engine and move it forward, unless others on here have another method. And that snap ring holding the fan in place is really stiff and takes a really good pair of snap ring pliers to...
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    CC 1450 S/N 205066OU604956 return to operation

    James - I see I made a slight misstatement in my 1st post above. I said you called it the front seal but I see you did call it the rear seal. What I further stated is still correct. Kohler calls the seal you installed the rear seal. IH calls it the front seal. IH calls for the front and...
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    I had a 122 one time that had a tension spring connected between the PTO handle and the front of the dash pedestal. I seem to recall they had drilled a small hole in the handle to connect the spring. It was kind of a novel idea. It kept the handle from vibrating and sorta flopping around when...
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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    Well, the S/G should also work.
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    CC 1450 S/N 205066OU604956 return to operation

    I'm attaching page 1-22 from the IH Engine Service Manual GSS-1465-B. This page identifies installation details for the crankshaft oil seals. You will note IH refers to the front seal being located on the engine block side (this is the PTO side of the engine at the front of the tractor). IH...
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    CC 1450 S/N 205066OU604956 return to operation

    James and David - this is exactly why I don't like the Kohler Engine Service Manual. Although it's often nice to have for some items/issues it is also confusing and in this case I believe some of the details are not correct for an IH Cub Cadet Kohler engine. James is installing what Kohler...
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    New ferrules for the mower deck

    Looking nice there David. Those things have to be really worn on most of the units out there. Any chance you can make the little planetary gears used in Creepers? Seems like they have become really rare.
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    CC 1450 S/N 205066OU604956 return to operation

    James - the seal is supposed to be flush, which is what I think you did. What happened with the hour meter? Does it work? Things look like they are coming along nicely with the 1450. What's next?
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    New 108 is home.

    Hey Dust'n - thank you to, but what about David? He told you about the "joint", and no they don't come on refer trucks :errrr: When you get one make sure you screw the stem back in the same number of turns to get the correct length it originally had.
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    New 108 is home.

    That sounds like a needle and seat issue, probably the most common problem. The IH engine service manual for wide frame tractors, provides the best pics and description details for installation. If you use the Kohler manual it's harder to figure which carb you're working on. I mentioned...
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    New 108 is home.

    Dust'n - I'm confused. Who needs the carb rebuild? The 108, the 1250 or your wife before you're hopefully good? :beer:
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    Serial number question

    Yup, towards the end of June '79
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    New to my grandson

    David - yes I know and that's why I said it was only optional on the hydro tractors. I never noticed the holes on a gear drive frame before, but then again we don't see many gear drive Quiet Lines.