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    ROCKFORD PLOW DAY April 14th, 2018

    Way things are looking at work I may not be able to make it, unless we start seeing a lot of sun.
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    Archive through September 11, 2015

    Jeff- my 582 is a very early production 582 Art- how can we forget the tire incident or you running a 59m with sandals
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    Archive through September 09, 2015

    Woo hoo after sitting for over 5 years the 582 is back alive!!!! New carb and a sheave on the mower deck. I forgot how nice it is to sit and mow the yard,
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    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    My cub time has been almost nonexistent for the last 5 years do to home remodel and repair. GRRRRR
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    Moose r us/ccspecailties

    Looks good Charlie. If I get that way I may have to drop by.
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    Moose r us/ccspecailties

    Charlie- How goes the progress of getting things set up in the new world wide corporate HQ of CC Specialties and Moose R Us????
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    Archive through June 08, 2014

    I wanted to go Wyatt but I made plans with the wife for another trip that week. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late to get out of the plans I made with her. But like they say the key to a happy home is keeping Mamma happy first.
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    Archive through March 10, 2014

    Lip- Remember the KISS theory for repairs.
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    Archive through March 05, 2014

    IMHO a quietline is good for jarring fillings loose and shaking up martinis!!!
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    A plce for snow pictures

    Art- those county trucks are Sterlings and not Binders.
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    Archive through February 20, 2014

    After blowing snow tonite with the walk behind snowblower makes me want to get a cub out of the shed and get the blade on for how heavy it is.
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    Archive through February 19, 2014

    Daniel= It is easier to just buy the parts and ask for forgiveness later after they appear.
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    Archive through February 10, 2014

    Art- Weight is weight. My arse isn't big enough to keep that thing down!! ;)
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    Archive through February 08, 2014

    No kidding Tom!!!!!!
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    Old family (IH) photo

    Tom- I will second what that old timer told you about grease. Also fluids and filters are cheap maintenance to do on equiptment to prevent costly repairs.