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    Tractor For Sale IH 364 snowblower

    I have a IH 364 snowblower for sale. Currently on a cub 1450. Everything works on it. Shoot me an offer. Pics coming soon.
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    IH 364 2 Stage blower

    Pretty sure there was a version for the QL series. It was a A pulley on the front pto. The pto adapter I have uses an A belt.
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    IH 364 2 Stage blower

    Hi all. I have a 364 blower I picked up at an auction. It seems complete. I'm looking for instructions to mount it to a 1450 cub. TIA!
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    Parts Wanted K321aqs for 1450 wanted

    Need a rebuilable or good running engine. Located in minnesota.
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    K321AQS Block

    I'm down by Rochester mn. Might be well worth the drive though.
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    K321AQS Block

    Hi all, I just bought a 1450 with a burning oil problem. I tore the engine down to find a badly worn spot in the cylinder. I highly doubt even going .030 over will correct that. I'm looking for a good used block. Any help is appreciated.
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    Parts For Sale Sims Cab for Cyclops

    I'm interested but........I'm in minnesota so trying to figure out a way to do this lol.
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    Parts Wanted Cab for cyclops

    I'm looking for a cab to a 1864. I'm in minnesota.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    This cab looks exactly like a steel cozy cab.....just fiberglass. I need one for the cyclops. Know of any?
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    I can't find any info at all. No plates, stickers, numbers.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Might be what it is. I think its for the quiet line series. I need one for the cyclops series.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Hmmm wonder what model
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Hi I was wondering if a fiberglass cab was ever made for any of the cubs. I recently bought a cab at an auction that looks to fit a cub profile. Any thoughts?