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    Parts Wanted K321aqs for 1450 wanted

    Need a rebuilable or good running engine. Located in minnesota.
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    K321AQS Block

    I'm down by Rochester mn. Might be well worth the drive though.
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    K321AQS Block

    Hi all, I just bought a 1450 with a burning oil problem. I tore the engine down to find a badly worn spot in the cylinder. I highly doubt even going .030 over will correct that. I'm looking for a good used block. Any help is appreciated.
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    Parts For Sale Sims Cab for Cyclops

    I'm interested but........I'm in minnesota so trying to figure out a way to do this lol.
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    Parts Wanted Cab for cyclops

    I'm looking for a cab to a 1864. I'm in minnesota.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    This cab looks exactly like a steel cozy cab.....just fiberglass. I need one for the cyclops. Know of any?
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    I can't find any info at all. No plates, stickers, numbers.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Might be what it is. I think its for the quiet line series. I need one for the cyclops series.
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Hmmm wonder what model
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    Fiberglass Cab?

    Hi I was wondering if a fiberglass cab was ever made for any of the cubs. I recently bought a cab at an auction that looks to fit a cub profile. Any thoughts?
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    2082 acceleration on its own

    Is the nut on the left side of the tower as you're sitting in the seat?
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    2082 acceleration on its own

    Hi all.....I have a 2082 that will speed up on its own while driving. You can see the speed selector moving upwards as it speeds up. Also the speed selector has zero resistance when moving. Is there a way to tighten the speed selector?
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    Tractor For Sale 2082 Super Cub

    Runs good. 50" deck, 45" blower, tire chains. Located in SE MN $2000.00