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  1. gpapa

    NF hydraulic write up, differences, similarities. applications and parts sources.

    Can you post a quick link, I don't know how to find it. Thanks.
  2. gpapa

    125 timing story

    No start; could it be weak spark from a failing coil, bad ground, bad condenser. Assuming that fuel system is all good, maybe do an ohm check on the coil, plug, plug wire, etc. Somewhere on this website there was a coil testing procedure that included the ohm values. Timing would need to be in...
  3. gpapa

    Texas State totally shut down

    What are most of those without power doing for heat? Best of luck, you all are in our prayers.
  4. gpapa

    Cub Cadet 122 Mower deck, Hydraulic Lift, Rear 90 degree Belt PTO for sale Bend Oregon 97702

    Hi Jeff, thank you for the quote. That’s quite a bit for shipping, even if we split it. I will keep looking for something local, best of luck with your project!
  5. gpapa

    Cub Cadet 122 Mower deck, Hydraulic Lift, Rear 90 degree Belt PTO for sale Bend Oregon 97702

    Hi Jeff, I’m interested in the PTO. Can you figure out a shipping cost to zip 11758? Thanks
  6. gpapa

    International box scraper

    Someone, a few years back, was reproducing them. Maybe a member has some information about it?
  7. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    The Truth About Why Gas Station Fuel Is Bad For Small Engines - Video - YouTube Thought this might be interesting.
  8. gpapa

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    Can you post some photos?
  9. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    Does anyone have any information on winter blended gasoline as opposed to summer blend? If so, does it make any difference regarding storage?
  11. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    Well it didn't. Anyway, there's a video in there about today's fuel.
  12. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    Not sure if this will work, but... Steve's Small Engine Saloon - YouTube
  13. gpapa

    Winterization ?

    I think paraffins in the fuel are worse than the ethanol component, so there is only so much that Startron and Stabil can do. IMHO better to run it dry