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  1. glippert

    Fluid level

    Paul, just in case you aren't already aware, CC Specialties is owned by Charlie, aka Digger, and you are correct - he's good people to deal with. But don't let him hear you say it - we don't want his ego to blow up! LOL
  2. glippert

    1977, 1650 project

    I've had a couple of mine welded up and haven't had any problems. Of course, mine weren't worn quite that bad, and I haven't given them much of a hard workout, but it's an option.
  3. glippert

    Parts For Sale New Seat for Ultima ZT2 54

    Let me know if you decide. I'm pretty sure my B-I-L would consider a reasonable offer.
  4. glippert

    Parts For Sale New Seat for Ultima ZT2 54

    Selling for my brother-in-law: New, never used, adjustable seat from an Ultima ZT2 54" zero turn. The dealer made a mistake with the deal, so he offered an upgraded seat (premium, extra high back, wrap-around) at dealer cost to make up for it. However, he wouldn't give any credit for the...
  5. glippert

    147 Project

    We got 1.62" between 5:00-7:00 am here in Olivia. Would've been better to come over a longer time period, but we'll take it! Thanks for the update on your progress.
  6. glippert

    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    That IS good news - thanks Marlin!
  7. glippert

    Iron Gard Questions

    Steve, don't forget: it won't look like the original IH factory job unless you have some runs in the finish... :roflol::roflol::roflol:
  8. glippert

    Cream white color on dash tower

    Robert, I hope you're not losing sleep over it. Your tractor looks great, exact color or not! PS - Don't tell my grandson, but I did his 1250 with the 'wrong' color, too...
  9. glippert

    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    Good catch, Gary. "can start the monster..." should say "can't start..."
  10. glippert

    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    I assume you're talking about a 782, since you referenced a K17 (KT17?). Remember, if you're starting a hydro, it's not just the engine oil fighting the starter - the Hytran is also cold & thick. You can get a magnetic heater to stick to the flat spot on the bottom of the rear end, to warm &...
  11. glippert

    Iron Gard Questions

    Digger, I thought you were referring to the warning that it's not to be "eaten or chewed." :errrr: (I wonder if that was a problem back then?)
  12. glippert

    1650 ~ Coil to Spark Plug Wire

    "...all I get is a couple of tick sounds..." Probably your starter solenoid clicking. It's under the dash panel, on the right side. Use a voltmeter to see if 12v gets to your starter. If not, your solenoid may be bad. If you get 12v to the starter, but it doesn't turn the engine over, the...
  13. glippert

    Time to resurrect this one for all the newbies lately

    Thanks, David. I'd never seen that before.
  14. glippert

    New member from LI,NY

    Welcome, Elliot. Looks like a solid tractor. Even the seat looks to be in decent shape. Should be a fun project.
  15. glippert

    Electric 42 inch Cub Cadet Enduro riding tractor

    JJ - Personally, I'd use it. I don't know how many have been in service or what percent had issues with broken blades, but given your willingness and ability to go toe-to-toe with them if it should happen, I think you'd be fine. Or, maybe use your knowledge of the problem to your advantage on a...