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    Remove front PTO clutch.

    I have an older Cub Cadet 129 model. It has been sitting around for several years and the set screws that hold the clutch assembly to the bearing are badly rusted and I am not able them get to loosen so I can remove it. I have soaked them with PB blaster and have had no luck. I know someone on...
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    Voltage regulator

    I believe you run a jumper wire from battery positive + and flash the arm terminal on the generator for a "millisecond".
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    Voltage regulator

    Thanks to everyone that replied. :))
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    Voltage regulator

    Thanks Digger, I had read about this several months ago, but couldn't remember exactly where the Gen wire went.
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    Voltage regulator

    Thanks for the reply. I have to presume the terminal on the underside of the new regulator is where the Gen wire goes because it is not marked. The other terminals are labeled F & Bat. My original regulator has no L terminal just F, Gen.& Bat.
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    Voltage regulator

    I have question about voltage regulator. I had read in a previous post, but I can't seem to find it now, about which wire is connected to the terminal on the underside of the replacement regulator. If I remember correctly the "L" terminal is not used, but I can't recall which wire hooks to the...